BitShares Core Prelude (Release 4.0)
Name/bfid 202003-bitshares-core-prelude
Category Core Development
Freelancer Milos Preocanin
Total up to 5,263,369.50000 BTS
Duration 2020/03/25 - 2020/05/26 (9 weeks)
Worker ID 1.14.255 (click the id to vote with Beet or go to reference UI)
Accounting & Reporting

Worker Intent

The intent of this worker is to provide funding and solution for development, testing, and deployment of mainnet 4.0 release with urgent fixes and additional BSIP’s within 2 months, as a prelude to Main Core 2020 Worker.

Detailed Roadmap and Estimates

Remark: Please have a look at the important notice with regards to the workability at the end of this worker proposal

BitShares Core Team Members, Roles and Budgeted Effort

BitShares Core Team constitutes a small, dedicated, and seasoned group of professionals. These are highly-skilled engineers, some with doctorate level education in the programming and logic design industry. As such, they are prized assets of the BitShares community who should be retained. Understanding the aforementioned devalued state of the chain, these committed members of the BitShares community are prepared to accept substantially lower hourly rates than previously contracted.

Table 1. BitShares Core Team Positions, Availability and Rates (Weekly)

Roles (described below) Rate (USD) BTS Value @ $0.015 USD Team Member Available Hours
Worker Manager $35/hour 2333 BTS Milos Preocanin 20 hours weekly
Documentation specialist $35/hour 2333 BTS ————— 20 hours weekly
Audit/Senior Core Developer $75/hour 5000 BTS Abit More 20 hours weekly
Senior Core Developer $75/hour 5000 BTS Christopher Sanborn 20 hours weekly
Senior Core Developer $75/hour 5000 BTS John Jones 30 hours weekly
Senior Core Developer/BA $75/hour 5000 BTS Michel Santos 30 hours weekly
ZHS Translation specialist $35/hour 2333 BTS Linda Tian 5 hours weekly

Total max. possible time on project: ~1250 hours (with safety buffer 15% and potential issues with final releases/production)

Team Roles and Rates

Roles (described below) Rate (USD) Job Position
Manager $35/hour Closed
Senior Core Developer $75/hour Open
Quality Assurance Auditor $75/hour Closed
Documentation Specialist $35/hour Closed
ZHS Translation specialist $35/hour Closed

Hardcap/premium definition: This Worker reintroduces payouts in BTS, instead of fiat equivalent BitAssets. As such, in the case of appreciation in value of the BTS token over time, this worker will cap employee pay at the value of 0.015 USD per 1 BTS token, and the paid BTS amount will be calculated by this formula:

hourly paid BTS amount = min(cap amount, 1.5 * Rate_in_USD/BTS_market_price)

In other words, BTS payouts are considered fixed (per table 1) as long as the price is <0.0225 USD per 1 BTS token. In case of the price >0.0225 USD, amount of BTS used for payout will worth 1.5 times of the rates in USD based on the BTS market price.

Terms of Worker/Agreement

1) Team hour reports and code audit will be done once every 3 weeks. A single collective team invoice will be issued by the Worker Manager (Milos Preocanin) with previous approval by the Audit Manager (Abit More), then followed by the review of the BBF

2) This worker max budget is calculated by the max amount of hours available by each team member. All unused BTS will be returned to the reserve pool.

3) Milos Preocanin will be held as the principal responsible contact for this worker, on behalf of “Zavod Premik”.

4) This worker’s agreement is crafted as a quick and urgent mini project with pre-defined estimates.

5) This worker budget has calculated 3% escrow fees.

6) If at any point the price of BTS:USD is beneath $0.0075, each member of the team individually reserves the right to cease their contribution to development, process audit and their outstanding invoices to for all work to date, and exit the contract without any further constraints. (Worker Manager position excluded)

6.1. In case of Point 6), Worker Manager will look for alternative resources to join the team in order to deliver release.

6.2. Releases will not be postponed in case of Point 6), but just exclude missing deliveries

Important Notice to BTS Core Token Holders

By approving this worker you’re not implicitly approving the BSIPs that are listed in the roadmap of this worker. To avoid any delays with mainnet release upon delivery of this worker, please provide vote of support to the listed BSIP’s within 30 days from the worker start. BSIPs that are not approved by BTS holders must be excluded otherwise (leading to a reduction of cost and features delivered with release 4.0).