Global Voted BitShares Spokesperson and Legal Representative
Name/bfid Divided in two workers
Category Legal
Freelancer The BitShares Blockchain Foundation - The BitShares Blockchain Foundation
Total 2x 24000 EUR
Duration 2020/01/01 - 2020/12/31 (12 months)
State Expired (not funded)

The worker “Publicly Approved BitShares Representative” ( will be running out end of this year. The BitShares Blockchain Foundation seeks to renew that mandate with this proposal, and seeks to additionally introduce an angle for business to business development through the role of being a spokesperson for the BitShares Blockchain.

In a Business environment dealing with outside communications, legal handling and ultimately signatures a natural person is required. Experience also shows that direct face-to-face contact (in the real world, or via Skype) with Business partners is still the most efficient way of communcation. The BBF wants to provide such an environment for the BitShares Blockchain as a platform.

For the purpose of distinction between handling legal issues and business to business development, the two tasks are presented separately, each with their own worker. This allows the community to decide which tasks, if any, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation should tackle. Please find more details in the respective addendums below

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