2019 09 Global Marketing Board Outlook
Name/bfid Addendum to Global Marketing Board
In reference to 2019-09-global-marketing-board

What’s to come

This is a list of efforts that will be realized if the marketing board is approved and can establish a budget. All those efforts still need to apply for a budget grant to the marketing board and undergo the approval process of it.

Define Target Groups and Problems for Marketing Plan

  • Executor: To be defined
  • Description: Define the target groups of the BitShares blockchain
  • Who are the desired users?
  • What problems do they have, and how does BitShares address them? (business needs for entities)?
  • What value does Bitshares bring to them?

First Social Media push

  • Executor: Blockchain Projects BV
  • Description
    • Decide on a (preferably consistent) social media handle
    • Work out a Social Media competition with prizes
    • Launch an advertisement campaign promoting the new handle(s) and competition

BitShares Visibility Team

BitShares Blockchain China Tour

  • Executor: gbac & cn-vote
  • Description
    • At least one meetup will be organized in different cities of China every month.
    • 50-100 attendees at minimum.
    • Major cities will all be covered.
    • Possible joint event with other crypto communities
    • BitShares marketing and 1000 Cities Project recruitment
  • Required budget:
    • Travel expenses for organizers
    • Venue, food, drink, etc..
    • Volunteers compensation

100 Cities

  • Executor: Guoan
  • Advisor: bitProfessor
  • Description
    • https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=28868.0
    • Expansion of the 100 cities effort (https://weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404377751338514654#_0)
    • Revenue will be shared with whole BitShares community
  • Inter-Worker-Requirements
    • BitShares Mobile: Include payment solution (compatible with MagicWallet)
  • Required budget:
    • Travel expenses for Guoan
    • Happy Hours with reduced prices sponsored by BitShares (applicable only when paying with BitShares)
    • Development for website

BitShares Media Coverage Plan

This effort will be split up in several smaller steps when presented to the board, in case this worker gets approved. This is meant as a summarizing preview of a joint effort.

  • Executor: GBAC & “We Media” group
  • Description:
    • “We Media” group consists of BitShares evangelists who meet through Weibo, WeChat, 8btc, BeeNews and others, here is a list of some participants: xiaoningdada, finn, daozhi, ptschina, ebit521, wuhao, jiaozhu…
    • BitShares media material
      • https://h5.beekuaibao.com/#/detail?id=607697386881552384
      • https://h5.beekuaibao.com/#/detail?id=607698281069416448
    • BitShares will be much more frequently presented at major media
    • BitShares research groups will be created for new users.Education and trainings for use of Bitshares will be followed.
    • Cooperation with live stream KOL which has over a million followers.
    • BitShares Branding
  • Required budget
    • Compensation for group moderators
    • Long term contract for media
    • Compensation for KOL
    • Compensation of Graphic designers

BitShares Week

  • Executor: To be defined
  • Description: Exhaust marketing potential of Decentralized, NABC and SteemFest
  • Inter-Worker-Requirements:
    • BitShares UI / BitShares Code: Provide an adjusted version of the SteemFest app that allows event overview and treasure hunt
    • Promotion for the treasure hunt / prices
    • Social Media Promotion for reporting on the events