Marketing: Global Marketing Board
Name/bfid 201909-global-marketing-board
Category Marketing
Freelancer Blockchain Projects BV - Blockchain Projects BV
Total up to 1,378,320 CNY (~200,000 USD)
Duration 2019/09/01 - 2020/08/31 (12 months)
Worker ID Draft
Accounting & Reporting


The strength of the BitShares Blockchain is its technical superiority and distributed governance. However, due to its decentralized and autonomous nature, some aspects are not continuously attended in comparison to most other blockchain platforms. One of those aspects is marketing. Everyone wants it, but it is hard to find a spearhead for it. In the preceding worker our aim was to change that by doing baby steps by conducting interviews, craft articles and increase the general visibility and awareness of the BitShares Blockchain by fixing misinformation and deadlinks in common crypto-overview websites and centralized exchanges, which was partly successful. This worker proposal is building upon the investigations and experience built up on that and seeks to establish an approach that allows more focused efforts and pursues targeted marketing strategies and goals. The preceding worker has shown that flexibility and swift reaction is needed in order to conduct efficient marketing reaction. This worker seeks to establish a marketing budget that is governed by a smaller dedicated team to decide on actual spending and contains only guidelines and not exact milestones for the budget.

General frame

We (Blockchain Projects BV, BCP) propose that a dedicated team engages on behalf of the community and organizes the direct communication to external entities with regards to the marketing efforts. This worker intends to pay by the hour according to the task at hand and provide a budget to pay expenses and similar.

The budget, that this worker is asking for, is governed by general key goals and guidelines to pursue. It does not define exact milestones or measurable goals in advance, which we see as almost impossible without a massive pre-funded effort due to shifting markets and agendas and real world events that we might need to adapt to. The dedicated team acts as the trusted board supervising the budget enabling quick decisions where necessary. We will call this dedicated team the marketing board in the remainder of this text.

This worker comes with an initial marketing board. There will be a mechanism built-in to call a vote of no confidence to freeze all not already approved spending immediately and/or to switch marketing board appointees (see in its own section in the following pages). As such, his worker asks the community to give trust to the marketing board for the actual decision making.

Marketing efforts


Any and all efforts will be tailored to the benefit of the BitShares blockchain. This may within reason include 3rd parties building on the BitShares blockchain, while any promotional activities for 3rd parties should seek sponsorship. Payments to freelancers and executing entities will be preferably done on the BitShares blockchain, and this must be the first choice. Nevertheless, we have found that service providers, especially in the marketing segment, require other payment options. Consequently, this worker allows that payments are also executed in other crypto-currencies or even in FIAT. Any service or conversion fee will be stated in the invoices.

The email will be at the marketing boards disposal. Any external communication and publication material must be reviewed with respect to facts of the BitShares Blockchain and potential liabilities.

Key Goals

The key goals for this worker are

  • Define BitShares target groups, and for each of those the message, marketing emphasis and if suitable own branding
  • Streamline marketing process to a common vision
    • Includes interaction and collaboration with other workers for marketing purposes
    • Funnel System - Map “buyer’s journey” and touch points for users from Zero BitShares Awareness -> BitShares Evangelist (and everywhere in between)
  • Streamline social media presence
  • Do advertisement campaigns
  • Do promotional / sponsorship activities
    • Excludes sponsorship of bigger events like BitFest, Decentralized or DevCon since they should still have their own worker

Budget Grants for efforts

The board of this worker can grant budget for marketing efforts being propounded through an application. Once the application is approved, the effort can be carried out. The selection of who to accept and assign to which task remains within the discretion of the marketing board. This frame may be altered if deemed necessary, but only if all parties involved (Marketing board, BBF & committee) give their consent. The BitShares Blockchain Foundation agrees to honor this setup for approving payments.


Any member of the BitShares community can approach the marketing board with ideas to participate and get reimbursed for efforts. The application must contain details of the effort to be carried out: Name (for easy reference), executor (entity or person to carry out the task), advisors if present, description and task list as well as budget needs broken down. The application will be presented publicly on GitHub as an issue to uphold transparency.

Approval process

The marketing board appointees must confirm their GitHub account name to the BBF. A marketing effort is considered approved once an absolute majority of all appointees have given their approval in the corresponding issue (by commenting ACK or similar in the issue). All board appointees are required to give their decision on incoming marketing efforts.


This worker’s budget is as follows:

Total Asking Up to 1,378,320 CNY (~200,000 USD)

The maximum hourly rate that can be applied is 1,033 CNY (~150 USD), but only for difficult tasks that requires a highly skilled individual. The marketing board will seek to negotiate appropriate rates for the task at hand, also considering the qualification and experience of the executing entity.

Any sponsorship that can be obtained through this worker will be added to the budget and be spent within the rules of this worker.

All amounts are in CNY. Any remaining or unspent budget through the worker daily BTS payout will be returned. If a Vote of No Confidence shuts down this worker, all funds remaining within the budget (already approved efforts excluded) have to be returned.

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation is contracted to facilitate escrow and public accounting. Please note that the 5% fee will only be incurred on actual payments.

Marketing Board

The below entities / people will be appointed as the marketing board for this worker and are approved as such implicitly through this worker (total of seven appointees). Every appointee of the marketing board agrees to provide a public profile and means of contact, and to evaluate incoming marketing efforts and be available to the community for discussion. In order to comply with this role, every appointee is granted 3 billable hours per week a 620 CNY / hour (~90 USD), time-tracking required.

Blockchain Projects BV Appointee, Europe

  • Stefan Schießl, Senior Software Developer at Blockchain Projects BV, active community member and also known as @sschiessl (@sschiessl-bcp in github). Will be facilitating communications and organization and contribute to the process of creating a clear and transparent picture of the BitShares Blockchain.
  • Fabian Schuh, CTO at Blockchain Projects BV, active community member and also known as @xeroc. Knowledgebase for historical and technical questions.
  • Annemieke Dirkes, CEO of Blockchain Projects BV and Legal Representative of the BitShares Blockchain. Knowledgebase for legal and business development questions.

GBAC Appointee

  • Linda Tian, Secretary General of Global Graphene Blockchain Application Center (GBAC,, active member in Chinese BitShares community, will be assisting in all matters that need support from the Chinese community (Task Communication), specifically, she will participate in the BitShares offline meetups and BitShares collaboration connection with other entities/communities.
  • Luke, Social Media Marketing Executive of GBAC, active member in Chinese BitShares community, he will participate in the BitShares social media presence, advertisement campaign, news publication, and document translation between English and Chinese.

Chinese Region Appointee

  • Guoan, Promoter and Advocate, organizer of 100 Cities project.
  • Bitprofessor (jiaoshou), developer of dexbot, former representative of cn-vote, advisor of 100 Cities project.

European Region Appointee

  • Alex Megalokonomos, active community, witness and committee member, also known as @clockwork. 16 years digital marketing experience working at Ogilvy (WPP group), Soho Square (WPP group) and others. Clients have included: Allianz, JTI, SEAT, Playmobil, Microsoft, Lufthansa, Pizza Hut, The Coca-Cola Company, Mattel, Hellman’s, IBM, Heineken, Siemens and more.
  • to be filled if needed

US Region Appointee

  • Aaron Mangal, Business to Business (B2B) Copywriter, Content Marketer and Technology Writer. Aaron brings in over 10+ years of hands-on business development experience.
  • Ryan Fox, Coordinator of BitShares Core worker, extensive professional background in project management with multi-national experience in financial services, mortgage banking and manufacturing.

South-east Asia & African Appointee

  • George Harrap, CEO of Bitspark. George is an active Bitshares community member and apart from his duties managing Bitspark, George will be helping promote Bitshares at multiple speaking and written opportunities including Coindesk’s invest.Asia, Decentralized conference and other mainstream media news publications and organisations. Appointee

  • Milos Preocanin, Manager of and CEO of Move Institute, SLO.

What’s to come

We have compiled a list of efforts that are being forged on various ends that are being planned to be conducted through this worker. This is not meant as a mandatory or complete list, and those efforts will apply for a budget grant through the process laid out in the guidelines of this worker. Any and all feedback on those efforts are much appreciated, and collected through the respective issues in the marketing repository.

The list of efforts that that will seek to apply to the marketing board for funding is listed here:

List of marketing efforts in planning

They are not immediately approved by approving to create a marketing budget with this worker.

Vote of No Confidence

Anyone from the community can call for a vote of no confidence. This can be either to shutdown the whole worker, remove or replace specific appointees or to veto a specific effort being made that is not approved yet (in the latter the call must be publicly in the GitHub issue and before the effort is being approved). In case there is a call of no confidence being done, all non-approved efforts are considered halted. All already approved efforts are still considered approved. Every call must be backed with facts and proof of why the call is being made, and it must be backed by at least 20% of the voting power of the current threshold of being active (cryptographic proof of the backing is necessary). For example, a Vote of No Confidence can be made as a poll with two worker proposals (yes or no option), and it would be considered confirmed if the yes worker proposal carries more votes than the threshold, and the no worker proposal for a consecutive week. Anyone can create such poll worker proposals, nevertheless the BitShares Blockchain Foundation may be asked to do so as it is also the final judge in the validity of a Vote of No Confidence call, and it will honor the outcome.

Summary to the Shareholders

After the preceding worker we approach our marketing venture with guidelines and key goals while not having pre-defined milestones in order to be flexible in the actually spendings and allow for swift decisions. This requires the confidence of the community in the marketing board that this worker seeks to establish. In order to address any centralization concerns this worker contains the possibility to call for a Vote of No Confidence which gives the community the ultimate power for intervention.

We certainly hope to inspire community engagement and thus this worker is intentionally inclusive to facilitate community participation, while any and all content created through this worker will be reviewed and fact-checked by an experienced team before publication. This increases the costs, but it is necessary to create high quality content and fight the existing misinformation on the BitShares Blockchain that currently exists.

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