Decentralized 2019 Partnership
Name/bfid 2019-06-decentralized-partnership
Category Marketing
Freelancer Alex Megalokonomos
Total 1,375,267 CNY (200,000 USD)
Duration 2019/06/25 - 2019/10/25 (4 months)
Worker ID 1.14.206 (click the id to vote with Beet or go to reference UI)
Accounting & Reporting


This year’s ‘Decentralized’ conference will be held at my hometown of Athens, Greece between the 30th of October and 1st of November 2019. As some of you may remember, I set up a similar worker last year for a plain sponsorship of the conference by BitShares which went really well. Conference last year was attended by me, Ryan R. Fox, Michael Taggart and spokesperson Annemieke Dirkes and we had 2 session talks and a booth that gathered a lot of interest from attendees. Information about last year’s event can be found here with details on the previous worker presented here.

This year we got a very nice offer from the organizers to form a partnership with the University of Nicosia and to co-present Decentralized 2019 (i.e. Decentralized 2019 by University of Nicosia and BitShares). More information about Decentralized and the speakers/agenda this year can be found here:

Scope of Partnership

The partnership offer includes:

  • Becoming event partners
  • Decentralized Conference listed and marketed everywhere as POWERED BY UNIC AND BitShares. This includes all their own paid marketing campaigns. Next push starts on July 10th
  • BitShares logo on name badges and lanyards
  • BitShares video as screensaver on all stages between sessions
  • Paid production of a sponsor-dedicated event-video after the event
  • Private BitShares named meeting room at the conference
  • Video presentation/ad to be played during coffee break
  • Partner mention/thank you during opening/closing of conference
  • Double booth in best location in Exhibition Hall
  • 1 x Plenary/Keynote speaker
  • 4 x Session speakers
  • 1 x BitShares organized panel-session (3 panelists + 1 moderator)
  • 25 x free conference registrations (normal price for the full conference is in the ~$500 range)
  • 50% off for additional registrations/BitShares members
  • 50% off for additional booths for BitShares partners (5k instead of 10k)
  • 3-night accomodation at the conference hotel for 2 people
  • Full page ad in the conference brochure
  • Inclusion of BitShares branded item/gift in the conference gift bag
  • 1-year’s membership in the IFF (more details here and here)
  • Ability to pay University of Nicosia courses tuition fees in BTS/bitUSD/bitEUR

Worker Intent

The goals of this worker are as follows:

  • Increase awareness of the BitShares platform and its capabilities as well as real-world uses by businesses
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities by taking part as a group.
  • Increase exposure of the BitShares brand via sponsorship exposure.
  • Take advantage of Decentralized’s own media campaign
  • Increase exposure of BitShares-based businesses
  • Create shareable & promotable content

Suggested Representation

The team to attend the conference via the 25 passes included in the sponsorship package should be varied in terms of focus. The worker will pay for travel and accommodation of all representatives.

First of all, 4 BitShares-based businesses will each receive passes and expenses for 2 people in order to attend and present one speaker session each.

The businesses (TBC) are:

  • Openledger
  • BitSpark
  • Everprove
  • One CN-based company TBD

This leaves an additional 17 invitations to be distributed which I am currently in discussions in order to finalize. The following is just suggestions:

  • Myself: Alex Megalokonomos (clockwork): Committee member/Witness/Beet project/UI Team
  • Ryan R. Fox (BitShares Core)
  • Additional Core Team members
  • BBF representatives
  • UI Team members
  • Additional committee members
  • Various Active Worker representatives (DEXBot,
  • Regional representatives (e.g. Petr/Xanoxt for the Russian community etc.)


Due to an ideal deadline for completing a 20% down-payment on the partnership package prior to July 10th in order to take advantage of the University of Nicosia’s next media push starting then, this worker is put on-chain for voting ASAP with some details (such as the exact members of the team taking part) still to be determined.

For the same reason, the worker has a higher daily pay to ensure required funds are acquired in time. The worker pays out bitCNY, or alternatively in BTC on the Bitcoin blockchain to reduce spreads (in this case converstion costs must be included in the invoice and match going market rates). Cost breakdown is as follows:

Item Pay (USD)
Partnership package & IFF membership Up to 931,711.50 CNY (135,500 USD)
Travel expenses (flights accommodation etc.) Up to 13.753,80 CNY (2,000 USD) pp * 24 people Up to 330,091.20 CNY (48,000 USD)
2,000 x BitShares-branded gifts (e.g. USB stick) Up to 55,012.80 CNY (8,000 USD)
Promotional Material production Up to 48,136.20 CNY (7,000 USD)
Other unexpected expenses (full Invoices will be presented if incurred) Up to 10,315.30 CNY (1,500 USD)
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