Maintaining the Reference faucet
Name/bfid 201902-reference-faucet
Category Network
Freelancer BitShares Europe - ChainSquad GmbH
Total 3360 bitEUR (280€/mth)
Duration 2018/02/01 - 2019/01/31 (12 months)
Worker ID 1.14.159
Accounting & Reporting

BitShares Reference Faucet

The community-funded reference faucet has already been operated through BitShares Europe as a subcontractor to Blockchain Projects B.V. who has been granted the right to operate the reference faucet as part of their infrastructure program.

BitShares Europe (operated through ChainSquad GmbH) here proposes to continue operating and maintaining the reference faucet identically to the previous worker proposal:

  • default faucet used by the reference web/light client implementation
  • registrar account is owned by the BitShares community (through committee account and the BBF)
  • referral rewards to fund account create only
  • no default proxy
  • excessive funds to be returned to the working budget of the BitShares Blockchain

Thus, the registrar account remains and is owned by the committee-account. The BitShares Blockchain Foundation has agreed to allow ChainSquad GmbH to operate the account on trust. The referral percentage for affiliates remains at 70%. This means that

  • 30% of the referral rewards go to the onboarding account
  • 70% of the reward go to the referrer, if no referrer is present, the registrar (onboarding account) will be used.

As of January 10th, BitShares Europe has registered over 100,000 accounts for the BitShares Community. Of those, almost 500 accounts upgraded to life-time member. Since over 100,000 BTS have already been paid to the reference faucet as part of the referral program, no additional funding to operate the faucet is expected. Greater details are provided online.

Deliverables & Conditions

BitShares Europe will provide a reliable (3x redundant) infrastructure that operates the reference faucet at:

The faucet operates behind SSL and a loadbalancer that comes with 3x redundancy. The Onboarding registrar allows for custom referrers to be provided with the r=? parameter to reference wallet deployments (such as


Operating faucets is a Business2Business services provided through BitShares Europe, a product of ChainSquad GmbH. That service has a price tag of 400€ per month.

The BitShares community receives a 30% discount which results in 280€/month (~$300/mth).

The worker proposals desires to fund operations for a duration of a full year.

The total includes a 5% fee for the BitShares Blockchain Foundation.


  • We would like to remind everyone about time and IP-based restrictions that are put in place to prevent abuse of this community services. Commercial use of this faucet is discouraged.

  • “Reference wallet” denotes the software as developed and maintained within At this point, this software is deployed as part of the light-wallet downloads as well as Keep in mind that and its subdomains are owned by a third party and are not contractually obligated to deploy the reference software.

  • Terms&Service of BitShares Europe applies with the BitShares DAC being referred to as Client

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