OpenSource BitShares Mobile SDK (android/ios)
Name/bfid 201811-mobile-sdk
Category Mobile development
Freelancer Blockchain Projects BV - Blockchain Projects BV
Total up to 100,000 €/bitEUR
Duration 2018/11/15 - 2019/12/31 (12 months)
Worker ID 1.14.134
Accounting & Reporting


Over the last months, we at Blockchain Projects have seen a lot of demand for mobile applications running on top of BitShares and allowing to use tokens. The desire to have a mobile application capable of transacting with BitShares has motivated us to start development long ago.

What is not widely known is that we already have a mobile application framework for BitShares that allows to develop and customized a variety of mobile apps for the BitShares Blockchain. Among this, we have developed what is needed to provide UIA support for loyalty (or similar) program with sponsoring and promotion screens and listings and a KYC registration framework.

This framework, or Software Development Kit (SDK) is highly customizable, allows for company-specific branding and is built entire using React-native/redux - a widely known framework that supports Android as well as iOS.

Along the publishing of this worker proposal, we release the majority of the software open source for the entire community to use according to the GPL license. The worker proposal requests funding from the BitShares Blockchain to continue development of this Framework/App for the next 12 months.

State of the Art

Our BitShares mobile framework comes with the following functionalities:

  • Multiasset support
  • Multiaccount support and account management
  • Wallet creation/backup/import
  • Key import and encrypted storage (pin)
  • Account registration via standard faucets
  • Memo support
  • Mainnet and Testnet support
  • Account history
  • QR code scanner, payment format and QRLogin
  • Request Money Screen
  • I18n and language support
  • Custom sponsoring screens and listings
  • Easy customization through branding



This worker delivers, in case it is accepted by the community, the sources of a fully functional mobile wallet development toolkit that builds to a mobile wallet app today.

The community will be free to leverage this software delivery to build their own products based on this framework, such as the usual UIA use-cases: Remittance, Loyalty programs, service coins, prepaid cards etc.

Our delivery focuses on:

  • code improvements
  • unit testing
  • basic UI/UX
  • toolchaining for Android and iOS
  • continuous integration and testing
  • technical documentation

for the mobile framework code base.

Milestones/Delivery and Costs

Provided that the code is at a stable state today, we are asking for a budget of up to 100k€ to fund development resources for 12 months. The budget accounts for the following roles and management

Roles Rate (bitEUR/h)
Full-stack Developer €130.00
Architecture €80.00
QA and Testing €70.00
HTML/CSS Developer €70.00
Designer €50.00
Purpose Rate (bitEUR)
Management Fee €1500/mth
Code review €500/mth
Escrow Fee (BBF) 5%/€5000 (total)

The character of this worker proposal is towards developing a framework for mobile development (an SDK). Consequently, an exemplary mobile wallet will be provided for testing but applying for “app-stores” inclusion for a branded wallet is not covered by this proposal.


  • This worker pays in bitEUR/€ instead of bitUSD/$
  • The Terms & Conditions of Blockchain Projects BV apply with the BitShares DAC being referred to as Client
  • Blockchain Projects BV to perform and assist with delivery and coordination
  • Blockchain B.V. owns the IP and will grant an open source license
  • The code will moved into the bitshares organizations according to the terms of the bitshares github organization
  • ^1: The “BitShares-UI team” being the team working on the bitshares-ui repository in the github bitshares organization.
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