- Website Development, Content/Domain Management, Hosting
Name/bfid 201810-bitshares-org
Category Marketing
Freelancer Milos Preocanin - Zavod Premik
Total 85180 USD (7180 USD fees and 78000 USD estimated expenses)
Duration 2018/10/15 - 2019/11/14 (13 months (1 month buffer))
Worker ID 1.14.126 (click the id to vote with Beet or go to reference UI)
Accounting & Reporting


The initiative is a clear path to an updated, optimized and professionally managed domain/website that will provide a professional and corporate experience to our visitors, clients and on-boarding businesses. In order to achieve that, the website will follow certain standards and active trends in order to gain top visibility and maintain online presence. First steps will involve pro-bono initial boosts to gain traffic. Zavod Premik and the worker manager are taking all legal responsibility and obligation towards the domain, its sub-domains and content/marketing that are being presented and related to it.

The community and eco-system have learned by now, that an unmanaged website/domain can be very damaging - re Brand, Marketing and Reputation (e.g. BitShares is not a DEX, BitShares is a Blockchain/Technology). After detailed analysis, reviews, legal advisory, opinions from other participants in our eco-system and professional experience, we’ve selected a team of people that will for the following 12 months dedicate their best hours and skills to constantly improve and enhance the website/online business presentation and support in every possible way.

Worker Intent

From community, excellent resources have emerged - for example, in coming up with a redesigned website and continuing with it alongside team members listed in this worker until now. However, it is not enough benefit or value to the shareholders and community, to merely place a new website online. Fundamental, is the ongoing management and running of the BitShares.Org web property this worker also specifically addresses to ensure an active, continual uplift in overall BitShares online presence, marketing and organic eco-system/community growth. The worker will ensure the community can source the best possible resources and expertise around it, and better represent BitShares to the general public, industry, and beyond.

As seen from the demo, website is still missing: content for 2 new pages (DEX + Token Factory as Native dApps), CDN optimizations, final code optimizations, CSS optimizations, and as with any website; there will always be “room for improvement”. A general 3 months Roadmap is included. The website and domain/hosting will maintain such a Roadmap for 12 months, with presentation and review similar to the below every 3 months.


Earlier in 2018, Cryptonomex and its President and Director, signed an agreement whereby AP Asia Tech Co., LTD. would become the newly appointed care-taker of the BitShares.Org domain/web property. Included in the agreement was handling the domain and its related services, building and management of a new website and content (done by Richard Castro), and proper SEO services.

AP Asia Tech Co., LTD was advised by the community that the domain should be owned by a non-profit entity. Milos Preocanin (Digital Lucifer) took the initiative and called on his non-profit partner “Zavod Premik” from Slovenia to be the owner of the domain. “Zavod Premik” aka the Move Institute is already active in the BitShares economy, e.g.

That disclosed, AP Asia Tech Co., LTD. will remain as a technical partner of “Zavod Premik” in order to pursue best interests, top visibility and transparent results for the domain (and it sub-domains) and the underlying content.

BitShares GitHub Repository

The content of the new website will be publicly hosted on github with an automatic deployment pipeline to the actual domain.



Worker is divided between on-going and monthly fees and fixed costs and can accommodate a total of 12 months of work with a maximum budget per month of $6500.00. All work will be paid through invoices, the escrow fee is fixed 5% of the invoiced amount and is included in the budget.

Positions installed

Name / Position Hourly Rate (bitUSD)
Project Manager (Milos Preocanin) $100.00
Assistant Manager (Ross Walker) $100.00
Web Developer (Richard Castro, Milos Preocanin) $120.00
CSS/JS Review/Opt (Alex Megalokonomos) - $120.00
Lead Designer (Ratchaphol Pattanasakpaiboon) $50.00
Content Manager (Ross Walker) $75.00
Content Liaison (Brendan Jensen, Ryan R. Fox) $75.00
Issue Bounties via GitHub $30.00 - $125.00

TopTracker will be used for tracking hours and tasks of each member of the team.

Involved personel:

  • Milos Preocanin, @murda_ra aka Digital Lucifer
  • Richard Castro, @richcg
  • Alex Megalokonomos, @clockworkgr, BitShares Witness and Committee Member
  • Ross Walker, @rosswlkr
  • Ryan C. Fox, @ryanRfox, Head of BitShares Core team
  • Brendan Jensen

One time payment

Description Price (bitUSD)
1-Time Reimbursement Fee $5000.00
4 Positive(Comodo) Premium SSL Certificate for 12 months $60.00
CDN by StackPath for 12 months (estimate) ~ $500.00
Website Balanced Hosting (1+3) with DDOS for 12 months $1440.00
E-mail Server (CentOS 6 x64) /w cPanel for 12 months $360.00
TOTAL $7180.00

All unused BTS / bitUSD will be returned after the end of this worker.


The roadmap will be published in 3 month intervalls. For the first three month it is:

Public representation

  • Content creation and optimization (as per spreadsheet with estimate in hours)
  • Achieving double “A” Score on GTMetrix (Google PageSpeed and YahooSlow) for
  • Achieving 88%+ on SEOSITECHECKUP for
  • Development of an temporary professional general inquiry form (not permanent solution)
  • Final Terms and Conditions to the website according to the Governance of Slovenia
  • Newsletter
  • Anti-Spam/Crawl for both website / emails
  • Proper Google Analytics integration with monthly reporting / suggestions for improvements / potential marketing campaign opportunities
  • Blog/News Updates/CMS - Latest from the BitShares ecosystem (similar to current “State-of-the-network”, possible collaboration will be explored)


  • Moving/Setting up emails to new server
  • Purchase/Deploy of SINGLE Premium SSL Certificate for
  • DNS updates for the premium domain requirements
  • PHP polishing (wrapping header/footer includes through all pages)
  • Linting (css, php, js, html)
  • CDN integration
  • OPCache + Redis server (we do serve static content)

Native dApps

  • Finishing 2 out of the 3 native dApps pages
  • Enabling as monitoring service for the nodes listed in
  • Legally reviewed linking between main website and its native dApps
  • “Wallet Creation” being replaced with term “Account Creation” and incorporated to the website instead of sending users only to DEX

The general Roadmap is subject to constant changes and interaction of the team members and the community on this worker. Detailed projects / sprints / tasks will be tracked through issues on GitHub Repository (1 time per month - review/re-estimate on ALL ISSUES)

Review of work done from March 2018 till September 2018

  • New CloudFlare Premium DNS Service
  • New website with clean and corporate look available at
  • 14 New pages created with community and core team support, aligned and legally reviewed with the reviewed BitShares Whitepaper
  • Price ticker for the native core token BTS through CoinMarketCap (or internal exchange)
  • Inclusion of Blockchain activity table - fully integrated through api of (Courtesy/Collaboration of Estefan)
  • Legal check of content for
  • Content SEO optimizations (targeted keywords, titles, metas)
  • Readability optimizations
  • Webalizer and AWStats enabled on demo domains (will be enabled for main website)
  • Hosting SEO preparations/optimization - HOME ONLY
  • New BitShares GitHub repository for (where the future development will be available, and current staging and production website reside)
  • Email server with SPF record and SSL (Shared) protection - currently hosted with
  • Separation of header and footer with php in order to get content updates less complicated
  • Geo-location based load balancer for with content mirrored in three regions, namely Northern America, Western Europe and Asia. Access to those hosts will be handed over to trusted members of the community to ensure a fully decentralized setup
  • DNS login restrictions between selected individuals of BitShares GitHub Team.
  • New ‘Website Terms of Agreement’ and ‘Content Restrictions’

Shareholders Summary

By voting-in this worker an optimized and professionally managed website will be realized. The demo currently hosted at will be finalized following features by the end of the first month:

  • All pages in order with content
  • New hosting / SSL / Email deployed
  • Live domain/site security hardening
  • Above “A” grade on both PageSpeed & YahooSlow tests for home page (landing page)
  • “MailChimp” newsletter integrated with subscription feature enabled
  • CDN Integration
  • Website Terms and Conditions

After these are processed, will be permanently moved to Any development will have to be approved / merged on Github by respective reviewers, the release cycle is planned monthly.

  • “Zavod Premik” as legal representative and owner of the domain will continue respectfully to update and manage and its content through this and future workers, possibly asking stakeholders where applicable
  • Milos Preocanin will be held as the main / responsible contact for this worker, also on behalf of “Zavod Premik”
  • “Zavod Premik” will uphold this agreement with the BitShares Blockchain for 12 months, giving warranty on current structure / intent as CONSISTENT and fully transparent to the stakeholders and BitShares Ecosystem.
  • “Zavod Premik” as the owner of the domain has the ultimate say in the hosted content, in particular while conforming to legal requirements enforced by Slovenien law.

Notice / Advertisement

GitHub Bounty Program will be enabled through issues with label “Bounty”. Any dev is eligible to claim estimated bounties, provided the participation in the chosen tool for reporting working hours.

For submissions please contact Milos (@murda_ra) or comment in the respective thread for this worker at

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