SteemFest³ Sponsorship by Bitshares
Name/bfid 201809-steemfest
Category Marketing
Freelancer Roeland P Landegent - SteemFest
Total 10,000 EUR (=12,000 USD)
Duration 2018/09/21 - 2018/12/28 (14 weeks)
Worker ID 1.14.123
Accounting & Reporting


Dear BitShares Stakeholders and valuable committee members,

This worker proposal requests a relatively small sponsorship for the annual SteemFest, this year to be held in Kraków from 7 to 11 november 2018 in order to promote the Bitshares chain and ecosystem during this Graphene oriented community event.

SteemFest³: 7/8/9/10/11 November, Kraków

SteemFest is the annual get together focussed on bringing steem users together in real life to learn from eachother and have a good time. Both conference days are filled with presentations, workshops and panels for steem users, by steem users. At nights some social events are happening and in the weekend attendees have ample time to explore the city, tourist wise :P - Steem has become the defacto standard blogging tool for (graphene based) blockchain announcements and for example witness announcements of all sorts. Many Steem users know of BitShares and use it, but there is still work to be done. Did you know that just like last year, this year you can also buy your SteemFest ticket with BTS?

SteemFest’s conference program is still in the works but amongst the 2018 speakers who are already confirmed, of whom some of them will also be present:

  • Steemit’s CEO Ned Scott
  • Joe Parys: Online instructor with 350,000+ students
  • Sorin Christescu: Blockchain Competence Centre leader at the European Commission
  • Anarcho-capitalist Jeff Berwick

See for the complete list of announced speakers, which every week adds more on friday’s announcements.

Organisation’s Experience:

SteemFest is organised by @roelandp with help from a group of enthusiast supporters during the event days. My experience in events is imho considerable: being co-organiser of for 5 years (3 years fulltime, 2 years parttime) and 2 Music Hackathon Amsterdam events and 3 Liberty Global ‘Appathons’ (and ofcourse organising SteemFest 1 & 2 gives me quite the experience in organising events.

Bitshares sponsorship of SteemFest³ 2018:

A sponsorship by Bitshares on SteemFest will give a lot of shine to Bitshares, as the core principle for Steemfest is to be as accessible as possible by having a low entry level ticket price for plankton/minnow users and then gradually building up prices for those who can afford more. Thanks to the sponsorships, tickets for plankton & minnow users are priced well under the actual cost price.

Bitshares will literally be profiled as a very kind philanthropist making the event possible to attend for those not so wealthy. It is a great way to demonstrate the power of this blockchain.

This sponsorship through a worker would give BitShares:

  1. Growth in brand recognition:
    • deep integration in all event’s promotional media (see below)
    • dedicated rollup banner ‘booth’ at the “wall of dapps” expo on both conference days in the breaks-area.
  2. A chance to attract new users to BitShares by:
    • getting a 20 minute presentation slot at main SteemFest³ event one of the conference days.
    • using 3 unique competition rounds for the 5 included SteemFest tickets to the event to raise awareness for Bitshares (see below)

Bitshares SteemFest³ Sponsorship - In Depth - what’s included:

  1. 5 x full (5 day) conference tickets giving access to all events of SteemFest (10 venues), which will be raffled under the name of the Bitshares chain in a dedicated post(s) on Steem which in themselves form “engagement advertising events” for Bitshares, as I envision the following 3 competitions for the 5 free tickets through a dedicated account on Steem (@bitshares-at-sf)[]:
    • BTS-Steemfest3 Competition 1: (2 x 1 ticket) - simple raffle: Steem users can participate by leaving a comment with their BTS account. If they don’t have one, they should get one.
    • BTS Steemfest3 Competition 2: (2 x 1 ticket) - Make an artwork featuring Bitshares and/or it’s core feature: decentralised exchange. Post your artwork on your Steem account, leave a comment here which also includes your BTS account. (If you don’t have one, you should get one).
    • BTS Steemfest3 Competition 3: (1 x 1 ticket) - Most referrals to bring in new Steem users to Bitshares, using the BTS referral system as judge.
  2. The sponsorship of SteemFest will get the Bitshares brand (logo) included on:
    • website
    • mobile app
    • printed map of Kraków
    • every attendees badge
    • opening slides
    • all future official event announcements on Steem
    • every future newsletter (to about 1000 steem users / previous attendees)
    • on the digital pdf tickets every attendee obtains
    • and wherever deemed reasonable in the event decorations (like banners etcetera)
    • a dedicated rollup banner booth for Bitshares to be placed in the “Wall of dApps” expo along 15-20 products
    • option to do a Bitshares related presentation on stage provided a speaker volunteer wants to do this.
    • 5 tickets to the event, to be used in a promotional oriented raffle (see above)
  3. Looking to use the BEET voting widget on to show the power of the Bitshares DAO worker system.

Funding needed:

This sponsorship costs 10,000 EURO (bitUSD 12,000). To be collected in a daily pay of 2,716 BTS, through the escrow of the BBF. Left-over BTS will be refunded through the BBF transparent accounting system.

Usage of sponsorship money:

The sponsorship money will be used to cover the generic event budget and therefor helps lower the ticket price for those not so wealthy. The current lowest ticketprice for SteemFest lies at 50% of the actual costprice of attandance. This is only possible thanks to sponsorships. A bitshares sponsorship enables about 35 extra of these lowest priced tickets.


  • Event announced / venues arranged, see
  • Included BEET Vote widget on
  • Bitshares logo integration in online media (newsletters, website, event announcement, digital tickets)
  • Bitshares logo integration on onsite decorations and printed matters
  • Bitshares rollup banner booth on site
  • SteemFest event itself: 7-11 November
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