(Helper) ROSSUL - Bitshares Exchange UX/UI Redesign Project
Name/bfid 201809-rossul-ui-helper
Category UI Development
Freelancer Rossul Design Inc. - Rossul Design Inc. & GrapheneLab
Total 73,205.28 bitUSD
Duration 2019/09/21 - 2019/12/21 (2 months + 1 month buffer)
Worker ID 1.14.217 (click the id to vote with Beet or go to reference UI)
Accounting & Reporting workers.bitshares.foundation/201809-rossul-ui-helper


This is a helper worker to obtain the needed budget for the completion of the original worker ROSSUL - Bitshares Exchange UX/UI Redesign Project

The project team has confirmed that the originally laid out budget is still up to date and the work can be finished with it. This worker proposal has a depreciation factor of 1.75, which results in a asked for daily BTS payout of 42,404. The duration is intentionally chosen longer to allow for a one month buffer.

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