ROSSUL - Bitshares Exchange UX/UI Redesign Project
Name/bfid 2018-09-rossul-ui
Category UI Development
Freelancer Rossul Design Inc. - Rossul Design Inc. & GrapheneLab
Total 265,828 bitUSD
Duration 2018/10/01 - 2019/03/31 (5 months + 1 month buffer)
Worker ID 1.14.124
Accounting & Reporting

Who is ROSSUL and Graphene Lab (Introduction)


ROSSUL is one of the top UI/UX design firms in Canada, with over 15 years of experience creating highly usable and intuitive designs for the B2B market. Our attention to detail and UX design expertise is what makes us one of the top UX design firms in North America.

We have delivered innovative user experiences as a digital partner to some of the world’s leading brands, including ABB, Johnson Controls, Intact, PNC Bank, RSA, AAA, Hatch, Scotia Bank, JPM and more.

ROSSUL practices User-Centered Design (UCD) methodology which involves treating the user as a stakeholder throughout the creation process, and ensuring that your online products are both usable and useful. Driven by our passion for creating compelling and usable designs, we specialize in user interfaces for desktop, mobile, and tablets across a wide range of markets.

About Graphene Lab

Graphene Lab are a team of experienced blockchain developers specializing in Graphene-based chains. Four blockchain systems, one of which has been launched and functioning for over half a year ( and three that are being actively developed (,, 9 highly skilled developers - 3 Software Engineer, 3 Frontend Developer, 1 Backend Developer, 2 QA Engineer


Make Bitshares a number one choice for the crypto community which provides a secure and easy way for traders of all levels to buy and sell digital assets online.

Worker Intent

Design Goals

We plan to develop a new version of Bitshares Exchange and improve the related tools to become more:

  • Useful- The Exchange should enable users to perform specific tasks by providing the needed tools to do so
  • Usable- The new UI should be easy to use and understand by non-trained users. Key tasks, current status, and next steps must be apparent to the user
  • Intuitive- It should be obvious for users where they are within the platform and the following steps required to perform a task
  • Fully Responsive- The UI should be responsive for DT, tablets, smartphones

Technical Goals

  • Light & Responsive- Light and optimized front-end code that adopts to various screen sizes
  • Framewok Update- Update to the latest React-Js v16.4. components. This would ensure a UI that is fast, responsive, and gentle on device resources
  • Latest Technologies- Adoption of the new Harmony (ES6-7) of ECMAScript language specification would minimize the codebase and optimizes the performance
  • Easy to Maintain- a Component-based approach that is easy to maintain and expand will minimize maintenance and support resources

Collaboration Framework

We are using Jira management system to ensure full transparency and accountability of the project development.

  • Weekly Sprints- Project stakeholders will be able to access weekly sprints with user stories, a list of tasks, status updates and reports.
  • Real-time collaborationwith the project stakeholders via Telegram or Slack.
  • Milestone–based processpresentations and QA sessions.
  • Public betatesting

Development Process

We employ Agile Scrum Methodology which has garnered increasing popularity in the agile software development community due to its simplicity and proven productivity. Fast moving, cutting-edge developments can be quickly coded and tested using this method, as a mistake can be easily rectified. Frequent updates make it easy to monitor the project development. The overhead cost in terms of process and management is minimal thus leading to a quicker, cheaper result. Due to short sprints and constant feedback, it becomes easier to address immediate user feedback and test ideas.

Team Bios


Eli Kanaki, UX Lead, MAA Elia Kanaki has been creating outstanding user experiences for 20 years. An expert in UX and UI design, he founded ROSSUL in 2003. His passion is to find a simple and elegant solution to the most complex ideas and problems. Elia teaches Visual and User Experience Design at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

Julia Michry, Art Director, UX Designer Julia brings more than 20 years of experience in graphic design and publishing. After graduating with honours from the School of Visual Arts in NY, she has received over 25 awards and recognition for her work. Prior to ROSSUL, she was the Senior Art Director for Time Inc. Custom Publishing and Fitness Magazine.

Ting Yi Shen, UX Designer Ting Yi is a creative and passionate designer who loves crafting intuitive and elegant UI solutions. Six years of experience in UX and UI design for web and mobile apps, multiplied by her detail-oriented approach and ability to adapt to rapidly changing business goals, make her a natural-born problem solver. Ting Yi holds an MA in Design.

Konstantin Krupovich, System Architect Konstantin is a system architect with a wide range of technical, management and business experience. He excels in planning challenging environments ranging from enterprise cloud solutions to Blockchain software integration research and development, where pragmatic and innovative thinking is required to be successful. Konstantin holds an MA in Economics and a BA in Computer Science.

Graphene Lab

Igor Romanov, Core blockchain developer CTO/Core blockchain developer. Developed software for systems of cosmic complexity: aviation, financial sector (including banking applications and Karma a blockchain platform for p2p financing), defence industry, and others. Projects: Karma, Xzen and others

Ruslan Salikhov, Blockchain developer More than 10 years experience in developing software. Supports and develops Bitshares RuDEX, as well as helping several projects with consultations on the blockchain-architecture.Projects: Karma, Xzen, EastLinux, GPS-Buddy, ShazzleMail and others

Roman Dagaev, Lead Frontend developer User Interface developer, also interested in prototyping and UX/UI design. Hardcore fan of slick and usable interfaces. Projects: Karma, Cryptocean, «School Olimpus», LogoCatalogo, Vinyl-Pressing-Plants

Anton Tishchenko, Frontend developer Developer meticulous with the details. Studied to be a Russian language teacher, but found his calling in interface development, for which we are really thankful. Projects: Karma, “School Olympus”

Initial Development Plan

Project Milestones

The project is intended to start in october, with a month of buffer incorporated.

1st month

  • DESIGN - Research

    At this stage, ROSSUL will work closely with BitShares stakeholders to gather project specifications and establish critical success factors. We will begin the process by interviewing stakeholders either as a group or individually. At this stage, it is imperative that we ask the right questions and collect our data in an unbiased manner.

  • DESIGN - Information Architecture

    We will create a structure for the application that allows users to understand where they are, and where the information they want is in relation to their position. This will result in the creation of site maps, hierarchies, categorizations, navigation.

  • DESIGN - Desktop Layout Wireframes

    At this stage, ROSSUL will work closely with BitShares stakeholders to gather project specifications and establish critical success factors. We will begin the process by interviewing stakeholders as a group or individually. At this stage, it is just as important that we are able to ask the right questions and collect our data in an unbiased manner.

2nd month

  • DESIGN - Mobile Wireframes

    This is the most effective way to visualize the data structure and represent UI features. It enables effective communication between team members and, more importantly, allows for early testing of workflows, navigation, and overall layouts.

  • DESIGN - User Testing

    Implement proof-of-concept and plugins integration functions

  • DEVELOPMENT - Estimating workload

    Architecture and planning stages of development. The study of the internal features of the code base and the search for solutions for the implementation of more optimized and qualitative product.

3rd-4th month

  • DESIGN - Look & Feel Design

    Implement proof-of-concept and plugins integration functions

  • DEVELOPMENT - Implementation of primary interfaces

    Creation of interactive mockups from static ones, testing interactive mockups for the quality of User Experience, iterative improvements to visual and UX design.

  • DEVELOPMENT - Transfer an existing project

    Inclusion of existing functionality, binding and uploading current data from the blockchain, working with the output of static information.

4th-5th month

  • DEVELOPMENT - Development of new functionality

    Adding opportunities to work with stealth transactions, improving and finalizing already implemented solutions in order to improve the quality of the product.

  • DEVELOPMENT - Documentation Create documentation and API for community use as well as for the expansion and development of the platform.

Code Handover and overlap period

To simplify the onboarding and code handover we expect some overlap time with the current UI team. This is a standard process that reduces the risk of setback and keeps the development velocity constant. The process facilitates direct information exchange between engineers and designers, brings the current UI team onboard the app’s code and architecture, provides support for the current UI team when specific information is needed.

Estimated time: 100 hours/team ($25,000 total). If less time is required, the allocated funds will be distributed back to the community.


We will provide support services and assistance to maintain and update the aforementioned deliverables, including correcting any errors or deficiencies during the first 60 days following the final delivery (Warranty period). “Support Services” means technical support and assistance to maintain and update the front-end source code Deliverables, including correcting any errors or Deficiencies, but shall not include new development, enhancements, or features, or other services outside the scope of the Proposal.

Additional time above following expiration of Warranty Period shall be billed at the regular hourly rate ($150/h design and 120/h code realted tasks) and require a new worker proposal.

The Project Costs

Design - Research  
Technical and functional requirements $ 2 100
Competitors and field study $ 2 400
Analysis / Interviews $ 3 600
User research / Personas $ 6 000
Design - Desktop version  
IA and Workflows $ 8 500
Wireframes $ 30 000
Prototype $ 3 000
Look & Feel $ 12 000
Design - Mobile version / tablets and phones  
Wireframes (Tables and Phones) $ 20 000
Prototype $ 3 000
Look & Feel $ 12 000
UI Components Library $ 3 600
Project Management $ 10 620
Design total $ 116 820
Research & Documentation  
Estimating workload $ 2 480
Documentation $ 8 620
Implementation of primary interfaces $ 13 840
Transfer an existing project $ 41 520
Development of new functionality $ 32 240
API $ 13 840
Development total $ 112 540
Code Handover and overlap period $ 25 000
5% escrow fee $ 11 468
Project Total $ 265 828
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