BitShares Community Wallet (Part 1/2)
Name/bfid 201808-trusty-community-ui-p1
Category UI Development
Freelancer Milos Preocanin - AP Asia Tech Co., LTD. (Legal DAO representative of Trusty team)
Total 155000 USD
Duration 2018/08/30 - 2018/12/01 (3 months)
Worker ID 1.14.117
Accounting & Reporting

Who is Trusty (Introduction)

We are Trusty team, business/product/technology specialists, willing to facilitate adoption of BitShares blockchain by creating a bleeding edge app. Our passion is to offer to public a decentralized exchange/wallet with top-notch UI/UX available across all mobile and web platforms. After research we discovered that BitShares today is literally the only decentralized platform allowing such a bleeding edge app to be developed and scaled globally. Existing 3rd party solutions, even native DEX UI doesn’t unlock full potential of BitShares Blockchain (still with on-going development).

Another crucial reason we have chosen BitShares to be our blockchain-homeland is its incredible community building up since 2014 (BitShares enjoys first mover advantage in the segment of decentralized exchanges). Therefore, to prove our good will and integrity, we introduced ourselves by contributing an open-source web framework for BitShares based on Vue . The web framework has been tailored for BitShares to utilize it’s API calls and provide an intuitive SDK to create any kind of decentralized applications on top of BitShares much easier and faster, than utilizing existing UI.

As a result we got a very positive feedback from the Community, especially from Milos and team leading to a very productive collaboration. Following our meeting in Thailand, we decided to unite our efforts for the growth and success of the BitShares eco-system. This worker is our first public step forward and serves as our legal representative.


Drive BitShares Community Wallet to become a trustless-solution for both novice and experienced crypto users to conveniently hold, trade and manage any types of crypto assets and accessible from any mobile or web platform.

Worker Intent

We intend to release final version of BitShares Community Wallet in 6 months. Due to strong total amount of the worker, worker is split to 2 smaller instances of it (3 months each). This allows the BitShares community to engage in an active review process after the first three months with the setup of the subsequent worker. The hourly rates for the subsequent worker will remain as is in this worker.

The main purpose of this proposal is to provide the Community

a User-Friendly, Trader-Oriented and fully responsive wallet.

This includes all common user settings, account management and the entire dex with trading, margins and deposit/withdraw (subject to cooperation of gateways). The source will be MIT licensed, releases with web deployable and locally installable versions (via Electron) will be provided when feasible.

Launch of effective development process requires

  • Defining a collaboration framework between Trusty team (Contractor) and BitShares DAC (client)
  • Providing a transparent mechanism to regularly deliver results to the client
  • Establishing a budget to sustain development

Furthermore we seek to

  • Support current UI team by enabling them to focus more on business development for DEX and providing full API functionality, while Community has a working product to be used
  • not replace of the reference UI
  • work directly under BitShares GitHub Repository for total transparency & proper licensing - Community UI Github

Collaboration Framework

We are using Git-based management system to ensure full transparency and accountability of the project development. Below is the simple sequence of actions Trusty team will perform to deliver vest results:

  • List and continuously update development tasks on git, including tags of current status, priority and sprint deadline
  • Maintain timely communications with community members, posting issues or comments on Git
  • Favor feature usability (bugs fixing) over schedule and deliver the highest priority work first
  • Deliver results for public beta testing by the end of every 4th week (4 weeks sprints - for easier accounting/tracking/reviews)
  • Provide monthly reports of results against hours and costs of development
  • Keep hours logged with TopTracker for entire team and bounty claims. Github/Hours Reporting available here

Development Process

We favor agile development process when all the workstreams (user journey, mockups, prototyping, development, testing, documentation) are pushed simultaneously to release the highest priority feature for public beta testing. Lean and interactive product development encourages faster user feedback and ensures every new feature actually contributes to app usability. While designing trading UI we will be using best market practice examples, Bitfinex and Huobi interfaces in particular.


Team Positions and Rates

Roles (described below) Rate (bitUSD/h)
General Manager (Milos Preocanin) $100.00
Product Manager / UI/UX Liaison (Armen Azatyan) $140.00
QA and Testing (Noemi Nikoghsoyan) $80.00
JS And Code review (Anton Lopan) $140.00
Lead Front-End Developer / Architect, Code Review (Roman Sabirov) $80.00
Full-stack Developer (Roman Bellendir) $80.00
HTML and CSS Developer $50.00
Front-end JS Developer (Petr Lapin, Rostislav Gogolauri) $50.00
Designer (Daniel Savin) $50.00

Initial Development Plan Part 1

  Design Lib* Markup* UI/UX Testing Bug fixes Total
Base Layouts   0 80       80
Base architecture   65 0       65
Account Management 15 75 80 25 55 40 290
Markets and place orders 30 125 100 50 110 70 485
Recent Tx/open orders 5 40 42 20 35 25 167
Deposit 10 95 75 40 70 50 340
Withdrawal 10 95 75 40 70 50 340
Infrastucture 10 65 0 20 35 25 155
TOTAL             1922

*Total represent maximum amount of working hours for the budget of this Worker

*10000 USD is included fixed fee for the escrow partner, for the duration of 3 months in total.

Team Bios

Milos Preocanin

Worker/Technology Manager

Born in Serbia, with having a new home for last half decade in SE Asia, became a master of Linux networking and administration before reaching his 20’s. Spent early days in ISP industry, where later on moved to corporate IT management positions around foreign sectors in Serbia. Track record in recent years of extensive web, app and hosting projects, now fusing long-term skills with an extensive knowledge and ability to consult on all matters blockchain and cryptocurrency. Today specializes in community management, turning ideas into reality, and enabling people to take clear actions for project or business success.

Will ensure that there is proof of work delivered/time used against invoiced hours to the blockchain. Also will be one and only point of PR for this worker, unless professional discussion between developers is requested/needed.

Armen Azatyan

Business and Product Development

5 years in IT entrepreneurship, 7 years in Investment banking. Ex. Social marketing director in OnetwoTrip online travel agency, founder, Ex. Deutsche Bank, VTB Capital, 18 closed deals ECM and M&A (>$18bn in total).

Expert in business administration and customer experience. Will manage team and make sure that BitShares DAC (Decentralized Exchange) meets the the top-notch app usability standards.

Noemi Nikoghsoyan

QA & Project/Team Management

Project manager with 4+ years of working experience in software development. Outgoing, agile, result driven, strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Certified scrum master and product owner. He worked for various projects, including channels monitoring tool, online and mobile banking, B2b call center software, etc.

Anton Lopan

JS dev, Devops, Code review

8 years in web development, from php5 heavy templates websites to serverless PWA (2 year of vuejs currently). Really love to code, that’s why can do it even on Brainfuck or Haskell. Got strong knowledge of current bitshares-ui, bitsharesjs, bitsharesjs-ws libs. Created first version of upon bitshares-ui fork, then decided to rewrite from scratch using vue. Specialist in Golang, JS, Bash.

Will provide best ways to build fast / scalable UI. Including integration of new features, code review and pull request communication, full cover of CI / Devops processes, unit tests, bug fixes and technical issues communication, propose bitshares-core features.

Roman Sabirov

Lead Front-End Developer, Architect, Code Review

Development Experience: 5+ years of commercial front-end development which includes 3 years of building complex web applications using Vue.js/Vuex and modern JS stack (es6+, babel, webpack, scss). Lead Front-end developer of Trusty.Fund wallet application.

Will make architectural decisions, perform PR code reviews and develop main components of the application.

Roman Bellendir

Fullstack Dev

5 years in commercial web-development. 2 years was engaged in simulation of industrial production. 3 years was focusing on Android development. 1 year development of blockchain related products. Working on backend and frontend services of Trusty, creating faucet, money sender service, android app.

Specialist in NodeJs, Vue.js, Kotlin.

Daniel Savin

Web Designer

Over 5 years experience in web-design. Power user of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Specialized in designing responsive applications and printing materials. Worked for EBK System, Sberbank, Moscow State University, took participation on such web projects as, etc.

Petr Lapin

Front-end JS developer

Front-end working experience exceeds 5 years. Worked for Yandex, CSSSE, Constanta. Good knowledge of in JS, Nodejs, BEM, Angular, React, Vue. Expert in Javascript(vanilla js) / ES-2015, Angular, Vue/Vuex. He worked for different projects, including city information portal, betting service, etc.

Rostislav Gogolauri

JS developer

Unfamiliar with crypto, first time know about BitShares over a private hire on Freelancer, lucky to be here and ready to donate some fresh blood to the eco-system. Over 3 years of experience in web/cross-platform mobile development. Specialized in Angular, Vue, React, Node and other related frameworks and libraries.

Trusty’s Open Source contribution and existing project

Trusty’s GitHub organization is


The above-mentioned Vuex wrapper for BitShares is already published an can be found here


Furthermore, a Portfolio Management App for Mobile has been developed, which is already live



1(one) more position will be hired* and initially offered to the Developers around BitShares ecosystem:

  1. HTML and CSS developer

*For submissions please contact Milos by Telegram (@murda_ra), or in the discussion thread

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