Project: Flash - Global Infrastructure for BitShares by
Name/bfid 201808-flash-global-infrastructure
Category Network
Freelancer Milos Preocanin - AP Asia Tech Co., LTD.
Total up to 25500 USD
Duration 2018/08/01 - 2019/02/02 (6 months)
Worker ID 1.14.115
Accounting & Reporting


In October 2017, BitShares eco-system encountered serious problems with its existing infrastructure at that point. recognized the problem, and coming from Corporate Development and Hosting business, decided to help the eco-system and enable access to it’s users in most important period of crypto (fall in November, rise in December) to BitShares users by starting a node. First node in Thailand occurred on 1st of November and was introduced on Followed by support and partnership with Move Institute, Slovenia joined, project expanded and we were running 6 nodes by end of December covering most critical points such as USA and Asia, with just one node in EU. With growth in demand from entire BitShares eco-system, expanded this to collaboration with DAOStreet, Move Institute (as mentioned) and Open Asset, ending up today with 26 online servers, 2 status pages for the infrastructure and Premium SSL protection for all with on-going maintenance.

Worker Intent

We intend to provide more resources to existing infrastructure, to continue collaboration and maintenance of infrastructure we delivered over the past 8 months. We kept going our financial contribution to the blockchain for a while, have learned and experienced a lot, and finally come to a point where we can’t face another invoice or/and upgrades needed to continue with fully operational infrastructure. We would like to keep the built of existing infrastructure for the period of next 6 months, upgrade smaller nodes from APT@Vultr, activate missing DDOS protection and polish security on the upgraded/new nodes.

Launch of Infrastructure requires:

  • Approval of this proposal
  • 5 Business days to complete Vultr APT upgrades/replay blockchains where needed.
  • 3 Business days to provide full report with status page for this worker.
  • Acknowledgment from Stake-Holders that this worker and its Public API nodes are for non-commercial USE only (we have limits on nodes).

Worker Proposal

Distributed Network of BitShares API Nodes

The twentyfive deployed BitShares Public API nodes

2. (to be upgraded)
3. (to be upgraded)
4. (to be upgraded)
5. (to be upgraded)
6. (to be upgraded)
7. (to be upgraded)
8. (to be upgraded)
9. (to be upgraded)
10. (to be upgraded)
11. (to be upgraded)
13. (to be upgraded)
14. (to be upgraded)
15. (to be upgraded)

Distributed Network for BitShares TestNet

The deployed BitShares testnet node


Public Status Pages

We have currently one page in production stage: (production)

And one staging page that we have long term to place as global status page on ( and that would be listing all Public API of BitShares that are reported as active/approved by current BitShares Github.


  • Upgrade 14 nodes (within 5 business days from the activation of the Worker) and maintain deployed infrastructure for the BitShares DAC and this Worker.
  • Maintain uptime tracking/monitoring through on all nodes from this Worker with a start date from the date when/if the Worker gets approved.
  • Provide 80% of up-time as average on 6 months.
  • Continue maintenance of quiry system for issue reporting.
  • Move Staging 2 Production of Global Public API monitoring for entire BitShares eco-system through
  • Create public documentation on source builds for various OS deployments and server specifications/requirements.
  • Establish better communication with @xeroc, @abit, @clockwork, @fox on weekly basis - to provide better support page, improve current documentation and expand support to more OS choices to node owners.

More nodes will be added/removed in the most economical manner preserving best functionality and global API availability.

Costs Summary

Item Price Fee/Expense
26 nodes monthly - various ISPs $3,380.00 Expense per month
Infrastructure Management $0.00 Fee
Status Page development $0.00 Fee
DDOS Upgrade/as add2Monthly $120.00 Expense per month
TOTAL (per Month): $3,500.00  

Based on carefully done estimate and months of experience with presented infrastructure, and collaborators are asking BitShares blockchain for the Budget of $25,500.00, where $22,000.00 would be going on 6 months COST of renting the nodes/upgrades for the infrastructure, and $3,500.00 would be going as 1 time small reimbursement FEE for the initial setup and endurance/good will of good people team has.

Terms & Remarks

  • “AP Asia Tech Co., LTD” will refer to BitShares DAC as a Client, providing deployments as defined in this Worker, with guarantee on up-time of not under 80% average, on 6 months basis.
  • “AP Asia Tech Co., LTD” will report to Escrow partner with Invoices before every 1st and 15th of the month (depending on ISP) and will request release of funds not later than 5th and 20st of the month in order to avoid downtimes.
  • “AP Asia Tech Co., LTD” will publish on the active thread of this Worker paid Receipts for the BitShares DAC not later than 10th and 30st of the current month.
  • “AP Asia Tech Co., LTD” reserve rights to preserve configuration of Public API to limited (non-commercial) use in order to prevent abuse of the BitShares eco-system, contributors of it and Reserve Pool funds.
  • “AP Asia Tech Co., LTD” would be requesting BitShares Blockchain Foundation to be an Escrow Partner.
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