BitShares UI Team
Name/bfid 201808-bitshares-ui
Category UI Development
Freelancer Bill Butler
Total up to 290,000$
Duration 2018/08/01 - 2019/03/31 (8 months)
Worker ID 1.14.112
Accounting & Reporting


The BitShares GUI has a great deal of functionality, so much that it can be overwhelming for new users to grasp. Some users expect it to simply hold their funds securely and allow for transfers while others require the full power of the exchange, voting, asset creation etc.

The goal of assembling this team is to better understand the various use cases for BitShares and, based upon that information, craft an improved user experience.


Issues located at bitshares/bitshares-ui will be gathered into Milestones with a two week release schedule. Anyone in the community will be able to claim, work and submit a PR for that issue. If the PR is accepted, the user will be paid according to the terms on the under the Development Process heading.


There are many opinions across the BitShares community about what is most important. These opinions vary due to the broad range of individual capabilities. Some users want to see new features developed as soon as possible while others would like to see a refined user interface with reliable, less ambiguous controls and helpful documentation. It’s our goal as a team to listen to everyone and make decisions based upon what we hear from the community.


Bugs fixes represent the top priority for the UI Team and are worked first to ensure the Bitshares application meets our users’ expectations.

Low Hanging Fruit

This represents features or tweaks that add give the application a lot of bang for very little effort. By focusing on low hanging fruit, we can drastically improve the UI for many people very quickly and cross these items off the todo list.

Application Consistency

Tables, dropdowns, form fields, modals, fonts, icons, colors. To date we have invested a great deal of time streamilining the UI experience. Our past efforts have sought to improve the overall look and feel and have attempted to group similar functions. We recognize there is still room for improvement.

This worker proposal will continue to enhance this effort by:

  • Creating a more modular exchange experience.
  • Migrate to ANT components complete with a style guide.
  • Further refine the navigation moving away from the sub-tab model.
  • Create an easy way for exchanges to brand their own wallet from the reference wallet.
  • Establish a more methodical QA and testing phase before releasing each version.
  • Create a series of automated front and backend tests to reduce resurfacing bugs.

Development Cost

Currently, updates to the bitshares-ui are handled by Sigve Kvalsvik (@svk). We have included the BitShares Blockchain Foundation on this proposal in order to increase the surface area for code review, testing and acceptance as well as facilitate payments in bitUSD. This proposal is intended to alocate a budget for making improvements to the BitShares client and establish a more formal and ongoing effort towards the development effort.

Currently, updates to the BitShares-ui are handled by a small team of users who are claiming issues and being paid bounties on these issues. The only exceptions to this are Bill Butler, Sigve Kvalsvik and Magnus Anderson who are each paid a flat rate to manage issues and code review respectively. Furthermore, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation seeks a management fee (<10%) for dealing with the on-chain worker proposal and offer transparent accounting.

  • Monthly
Role Amount(USD)
Coordination / Funds Distribution $3,000
Project Manager $4,500
Code Review / Releases $4,500
UX/UI Bounty $8,000
Coding Bounty $12,000
Bitshares Blockchain Foundation $3,000
Total Monthly $35000
  • Fixed Expenses
Description Amount(USD)
Travel Budget (Graphene specific conferences) $10,000


Sigve Kvalsvik

  • Role: React Dev, Release Management, Code Review
  • Development Experience: Maintainer of BitShares-UI for a long time already, funded by multiple workers previously, creator of during BitShares 1, long-term member and developer in the bitshares community, maintainer of bitsharesjs.
  • Platforms / Languages: NodeJS, React, Angular, and others

Magnus Anderson (startail)

  • Role: Project Manager
  • Crypto Experience: 5 years of trading and using, 3 years of community building, 2 years of DPOS Node Maintainer
  • Development Experience: 20 years of webside development in various forms, 15 years of sever management, 4 years of Git experience
  • Languages: PHP, jQuery, mySQL, HTML, Javascript, React, Python, Bash, many more

Duties include the grooming and prioritization of all issues (15 hours per week). Milestones will be created for each 2 week Sprint. Sprints will be populated with enough issues to occupy 90 hours for the 2 week sprint. Each issue will be tagged as feature / task / bug / duplicate / rejected, estimated, and assigned to developers who request the work.

Bill Butler

  • Role: Issue coordination and funds tracking and distribution
  • Crypto Experience: 4 years, BTC, LTC, PTS, BTS 1.0/2.0, STEEM, PPY. Helped manage github issues a couple of years ago. Worked with svk.
  • Development Experience: Founded an ISP in 1993. NodeJS, Angular, PHP, CouchDB, SQL. UX/UI Experience. VP Engineering for a healthcare software development firm. Eight years experience managing development teams.

Duties include overseeing the hourly assignments for issues, creating milestones, communicating with the project manager to ensure priorities are met and collecting and distributing funds to contributors in a timely manner.

  • Feature - Adding functionality to the BitShares UI that previously didn’t exist.
  • Proposed Feature - A potential feature that requires further discussion.
  • Task - Time commitment (improving the look of a table might be considered a task)
  • Bug - Resolving something that is broken
  • Duplicate - Consolidating multiple similar requests into a single issue
  • Invalid - An issue that is not desired by the community or is technically out of reach or ambiguous
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