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As reported in the Spokesperson reports of January 11th 2018 and March 2nd, the BitShares community faces serious issues as a result of the information that is presented to the public, international regulators, lawmakers and investors with respect to BitShares as a platform, its native core token BTS as well as the value proposition of the entire ecosystem. The main source of this information has always been bitshares.org. Thus, the legal counsel of BitShares Blockchain Foundation, Paul Hastings, advised us to remove this content immediately and start from scratch with regulatory terminology in mind under a non-profit entity.

Until recently, the domain bitshares.org was owned by Cryptonomex Inc. and could not be obtained by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, as described in the latest Spokesperson report. So far, the content on that domain has been provided by BitShares community members. This, however, has resulted in marginal modifications over the last years, despite growing regulatory pressure. Since then, the domain bitshares.org has been transferred to @apasia.tech, a Bangkok-based Blockchain company.

We’d like to express to the new owner of bitshares.org that we are open-minded for future collaboration to find a solution that best suits the ecosystem. In the meantime, we would like to propose the following solution, since regulatory pressure is immediate.

The plan

With our ongoing efforts to rework presentation of the BitShares Blockchain and its native core token BTS to the general public, including new whitepapers, regulatory clarity as well as new documentation portals, we would like to present a clearer picture of what we will need for the future. So far, we have secured the following internet domains and are going to launch them:

  • bitshares.legal (BBF managed) - Aggregation of all relevant information for lawyers and regulators to get a clear and accurate picture of what the BitShares Blockchain is and what the BTS token represents with all the details properly described in appropriate terminology. Content here clearly targets lawyers and regulators with appropriate documentation that rarely changes.

  • bitshares.works (Community managed) - This domain is meant to become the main hub of end-user information and thus will contain user guides, instructions, tutorials as well as some basic technical documentation. The content on this page will be community driven (e.g. through the approved documentation worker) similar to the previous documentation portal hosted on docs.bitshares.eu. The documentation part of bitshares.eu will ultimately only contain a redirect to the new site with compliments to BitShares Europe. However, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation needs to clarify the scope of this portal and the terminology used properly so as not to interfere with the content of sites like bitshares.legal.

  • bitshares.foundation (BBF managed) - Presentation of the BitShares Blockchain and its native core token BTS as a platform for the general audience. The new whitepaper as well as general information will be made available here. Targeting the general public, the content here will only improve as necessary (e.g. when new features are implemented on the BitShares Blockchain). This portal will also serve as a communication center with respect to the services offered by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation (the legal entity) such as the worker program, the mailing lists or actions undertaken as spokesperson. Non commercial activity only. The first document is likely to go online at the end of this week as it is needed in the case of Bittrex Inc.

  • bitshares.exchange (Community managed) - This domain will be the entry point to the BitShares Blockchain and will host the reference wallet previously at wallet.bitshares.org. Even though the domain is owned by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, we would like to grant access to its content to the BitShares UI team and leave the potential use of subdomains up to them. You can see possible suggestions in the appendix. As a consequence of this, new terms and conditions for this deployment will need to be written. Furthermore, it needs to be made clear that similar to the previous reference wallet installation, it is the job of the wider BitShares community to provide technical support for users of this platform until a solution is found for a general technical support team since technical support lies outside the scope of this worker.

  • bitsharestalk.org (Community managed) - This domain was recently obtained from Bitsapphire and will continue to host forums for open communications between the wider BitShares community members. As such, the content is community driven and will be moderated by community members as usual. Best practice and etiquette applies.

We propose a uniform BitShares look-and-feel on all the new sites (based around the current logo) while working towards a better and more complete corporate identity. Further details and reasoning can be found in the appendix.


This worker proposal comes at a cost. The costs are separated into costs for securing the internet domains and the development costs for the new and updated web sites. Costs below are the maximum that could possible be needed and as always we will try for a more economical approach, leveraging work already done by the community where possible. Any unspent funds will be refunded to the reserve pool as usual.

Domain Costs:                $15k
Corporate Identity:    up to $20k
Web Development:       up to $10k
Content:               Delivered through existing workers (documentation, legal-counsel, compliance)

We would like to emphasise that the BitShares Blockchain Foundation would like to make use of the bitUSD worker program it runs and deliver full transparency and accountability through public statements, invoices and accounting, as usual.

Time frame

The domains have been acquired already. BitSharesTalk.org has been migrated already. As soon as the team behind bitshares-ui development is ready, bitshares.exchange will go operational. The documentation for bitshares.works is an ongoing effort that will fill in the content as it becomes available and is approved. BitShares.legal will be filled in as soon as the lawyers are able to release information to the public. Once this worker has been approved, web development as well as the development of the corporate identity will be initiated.

Appendix: Why did we propose to use multiple domains

The BBF wants to be clear about separation of concerns as well as responsibilities. While the BitShares Blockchain Foundation wants to provide peer-reviewed, accurate and legally revised content, we want to also provide a platform for the community to provide value to the entire ecosystem. For that reason, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation provides the content for bitshares.foundation as well as bitshares.legal. The goal is to present the BitShares Blockchain and the native core token to its full extend and with utmost precision with legal terminology in mind. This content is supposed to rarely change once finalized. On the other hand, we want to provide community-driven platforms and documentation via the other domains.The separation of concerns is important to allow experts of different fields to quickly understand where to find relevant information and gauge its quality.


While the actual implementation is up to the community, we would like to propose the following use of the domain bitshares.works:

  • how.bitshares.works: Main documentation portal
  • committee.bitshares.works: Committee news & announcements (alpha already live)
  • dev.bitshares.works: Developer portal
  • spec.dev.bitshares.works: Technical specifications
  • backend.dev.bitshares.works: Doxygen material of the backend
  • ui.dev.bitshares.works: Technical specs of the UI
  • py.dev.bitshares.works: pybitshares documentation
  • js.dev.bitshares.works: JS documentation (bitsharesjs, -ws)


We propose to place a short landing page to give a very brief introduction of the BitShares Blockchain and provide links to the reader for further investigation of the technological, and regulatory aspects of the platform. We recommend to deploy anything that is operationally beneficial for the wallet and user interface:

  • my.bitshares.exchange: Main wallet as developed by the bitshares-ui team
  • explore.bitshares.exchange: Block explorer


This domain serves as a presentation of the BitShares Blockchain Foundation as a legal entity and approved spokesperson of the BitShares Blockchain. Given our desire to separate concerns, we propose to host the following aspects on this domain:

  • Whitepapers
  • Corporate Identity
  • Links to other resources
  • Spokesperson reports
  • Escrow workers


As before, we would like to keep this forum a place for open and constructive discussions and disputes. This place is entirely community driven and the BitShares Blockchain Foundation prefers to not interfere with what is going on there.


This worker proposal has two general aspects that need BTS holder approvals. Firstly, the BTS holders need to agree on the new setup provided by multiple domains that are not bitshares.org to represent the BitShares Blockchain in the public. Secondly, funding to reach this goal needs to be obtained from the working budget (reserves) of the BitShares Blockchain.

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