BitFest - The BitShares Conference
Name/bfid 201804-bitfest
Category Marketing
Freelancer BitShares Blockchain Foundation - Stichting BitShares Blockchain Foundation
Total 20,000 EUR (=$25,000)
Duration 2018/04/01 - 2018/09/23 (6 months)
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State Finished (partially or fully funded)
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We take the initiative to organize an international conference for Graphene, BitShares and Blockchain enthusiasts. The conference will be named BitFest and is planned to be held in Amsterdam from the 21st to 23rd of September 2018. Purpose of the conference is to bring the BitShares Community together, collaborate, and network. Think of a gathering of Committee Members, Proxy Voters, Witnesses, BitShares Core Team and the BitShares Blockchain Foundation with enthusiasts of the crypto community. There will also be inspiring speakers, start-up pitches, great food, and the city of Amsterdam to enjoy and relax. As we would like to create a cosy and personal atmosphere at the conference, we schedule for 250-300 attendees.

Program, Tickets and Location

The conference will start on Friday afternoon, 21st of September, with a get-together in form of several activities such as a canal cruise and a tour to the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX). Actually, the AEX was the first stock exchange in the world - pretty much like the BitShares Blockchain was first in the space, only 400 years ago. The conference itself will take place on Saturday, 22nd of September, and the program will be filled with speakers, start-up pitches, and networking opportunities. For anyone who wants to join, there will be a Walking Dinner throughout the city centre of Amsterdam in the evening. On Sunday, 23rd of September, there will be another opportunity of the weekend to meet up with your fellow BitShares, Graphene and Blockchain enthusiasts during a lunch.

We already created a draft version of the website. This will be the website where tickets can be bought, where the final program and speakers will be displayed, and where general information about BitFest can be found. Of course, the content is subject to change. If you like you can have a look here.

There will be different tickets available for the weekend, so all visitors can choose and pick any combination they like.

Nr. Ticket Price
1 Friday Ticket - Friday Afternoon Activities 65 EUR excl. VAT
2 Early Bird Ticket - Saturday Conference* 100 EUR excl. VAT
3 Regular Ticket - Saturday Conference 150 EUR excl. VAT
4 Walking Dinner Ticket - Saturday Night 65 EUR excl. VAT
  • Only the first 100 buyers get the ticket at a reduced price

We already found a suitable venue for BitFest. The building is located in the city centre of Amsterdam and has an industrial atmosphere. The venue offers several separate rooms which allows us to run a rich program of speakers and activities. Each room can have its own theme and visitors can go where they like. All activities are on walking distance from each other and in a compact (lovely canal) area around the central station.

Community Involvement BitFest Program, Topics, and Speakers

We have already set up a basic plan, found a great venue and prepared a website. For determining the final program content, topics to be discussed and which speakers to invite, we would like to involve the Community. This means that we would like to offer the opportunity to the community to apply for presentations first.

Our Proposal

This is the first conference especially targeted specifically for the BitShares Community. We believe that it will be an amazing and inspiring weekend for all involved and we are really passionate to organize it. However, as it is the first conference in its kind, it is hard to estimate how many participants there will be and whether it will be a success or not. Therefore, we would like to ask the Community to cover our risk. For instance, when too few tickets are sold we would have to incur a loss for the fixed costs as venue reservation, invited speakers, website costs besides the effort we put into planning and organizing BitFest. This means that, we, as a non-profit organization run a risk here, and we do not want a body with losses.

With this Worker, we ask the Community to cover the costs and penalties of 20.000 EUR that would arise if we would have to cancel the conference up to a month before the planned date. This concerns costs related to the venue rent, penalties on planned activities, penalties on hired event personal, invited speakers, and catering. We have not done any final reservations/obligations yet. As soon as this worker proposal is approved, we will put our plan into action and make all necessary reservations and start contractual obligations.

What happens with the money if BitFest will be a success? Well, we have got a plan for that, too. In that case, we will use the funds provided by the Community to keep the ticket prices low, so attending the conference will be feasible for more people. Furthermore, a part of the funds will be spend on merchandise and marketing of BitFest.