Revision of Whitepapers and Improvements of Technical Documentation
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Freelancer Blockchain Projects BV - Blockchain Projects BV
Total $80,000
Duration 2018/02/15 - 2019/02/14 (12 months)
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Given the growth of the BitShares ecosystem, we, Blockchain Projects BV see the urgent need to revise the existing white papers and documentation of the whole BitShares platform.

From our recent business developments, we can confirm that regulators are taking a closer look into the whole crypto ecosystem and they are constantly confused due to unaligned use of terminology of old economy, such as assets, shareholders, equity, dividends.

Unfortunately, our technical information is also “polluted” with analysis in non-technical areas, such as bitassets and trading. As can be found in the second spokesperson report, this requires an major rework.

Furthermore, the existing documentation hasn’t been updated and reviewed consistently. The majority of newcomers to the platform run into similar issues which could be resolved by improved documentation and better integration into the whole ecosystem (e.g. the reference wallet).

To ensure a proper and accurate representation of the BitShares platform, major rework of existing material is required. The documentation will not be reviewed by legal council as it has a purely technical aim.

Please note that this worker proposals focuses strongly on the technical aspects of BitShares. Legal aspects need to be dealt with separately.

It is our strong believe that it is required to separated the technical documentation (such as RPC, blockchain APIs, etc.) from the functional and legal description (such as the DEX, and bitassets). This will help to distinguish BitShares (as a platform) from the BTS token (as a cryptocurrency) and the services (such as the exchange) offered through smart contracts.

Revision of the Whitepapers

The whitepapers have been written almost 3 years ago. Not only did the technology it describes improve, but also the understanding of legal implications made by whitepapers has changed in 2017.

That said, we propose to revision the whitepapers to fit the current needs to proper technical description with correct use of terminology to accurately reflect the purpose of the platform.


  1. Draft outline of content to be put into a series of whitepapers
  2. General Overview Whitepaper
  3. Whitepaper about the History of BitShares (the platform)
  4. Whitepaper about the Technical Components of BitShares
  5. Whitepaper about the Governance of BitShares
  6. Technical description of the components of BitShares
    1. P2P network
    2. Consensus Mechanism DPOS
    3. Blockchain
    4. Authentication and Validation
    5. Transactions and Operations
    6. Hardened Smart Contracts
    7. Protocol Upgrades
    8. Account Management

The resulting documentation will be made public as can be used by anyone, as well as on a domain owned by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation (yet to be announced).


The documentation system will make use of Sphinx. The documentation itself must be written in flawless English. A proper structuring of the content is mandatory.


Considering the amount of work still left together with the reworking of existing material, it is very difficult to estimate the amount of time needed. Thus, this worker proposals is a billed worker that pays according to tracked time and will be invoiced accordingly at a rate of $50 to $150/h depending on the background and technical education of the individual working on this. Furthermore, parts of the work will be available to be claimed by anyone knowledgable about the BitShares technology as bounties.

This worker is capped at $80,000 over a period of 12 months. Whatever funds are not needed will be given back to the BitShares DAC. Accounting will be delivered by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation and made available to the public. Individual invoices received and paid by the worker will be published as well.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

All content created and paid for by this worker proposal will have to be released under public domain or a comparable license. Thus, the content will be freely available as soon as it is reviewed and approved.


  • Terms & Conditions of BlockchainProjects BV applies with the BitShares DAC being referred to as Client. The Terms & Conditions are deemed accepted as soon as the on-chain proposal has been approved by the BTS holders.
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