Translations into (Simplified) Chinese
Name/bfid 201801-budget-chinese-translations
Total $6,000
Duration 2018/01/01 - 2018/06/30 (6 months)
Worker ID

Budget proposal

This is a budget proposal that specifically aims to establish a financial base for the Bitshares Blockchain Foundation (BBF) for a specific purpose (here: Translations into Chinese). We consider this necessary in order to be flexible and properly represent the BitShares ecosystem with a peer review process to keep quality standards. This budget is restricted in its spending and can only be used for tasks listed in the Budget spending restrictions section. Furthermore, proposals of this kind do not necessarily spend the entire budget but merely pay individual invoices. These invoices will be public to hold the BitShares Blockchain Foundation fully accountable. Unused budget will be returned.


The BBF aims to increase market penetration and recognition of the BitShares platform. Currently, most of the advertising material and news articles are in English. To support the Chinese market, we seek to establish a translation budget that enables translations of relevant publications into Chinese. The BBF’s task is to select appropriate publications, either by hand-picking them or through suggestions by the community (e.g. by tagging the BBF in the comments).

Budget spending restrictions

This budget can only be used for:

  • Fees for managing the budget (e.g. invoicing, tax processing)
  • Preparing publication channels for a seamless integration of multi-lingual articles (front and backend adjustments), if possible
  • Headhunting and monitoring suitable translation freelancer(s) (including reviewing translation quality)
  • Translating publication material (advertising, news, etc.) to Chinese

This proposal is limited to a period of 6 months at a maximum of 1000 USD per month. That means that a maximum of 6000 USD can be spend if this worker is accepted. Invoices will be publicly auditable. All unused funds will be transferred back at the end of the 6 month period.

Administration and controlling will be done by a 3rd party.

Requirements for translators

This proposal seeks for a budget to spend for high quality translations. It is open for professional translators to apply for translation tasks and either get paid on a word-count or hourly basis (to be agreed on individually). In order to apply as a translator these requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • Business proficient in (Simplified) Chinese
  • Known real-world identity (for invoicing and accountability)
  • BitShares account required (for on-chain payment in bitUSD)

First steps

The first goal is to prepare the Website of the BitShares Blockchain Foundation in order to obtain a seamless and user-friendly integration of multi-language articles. One of the first articles that we seek to get translated is Crypto-Currencies as Medium of Payment, because it explains a key aspect of the BitShares ecosystem (the BitAsset).

To the BTS holders

The BBF as the elected spokesperson of the BitShares platform will publish news on important events concerning BitShares as well as doing promotion of existing articles to increase the level of awareness to the public regarding BitShares. Since the Chinese market is one of the most important ones in the BitShares ecosystem, it is important that said user base can be reached and informed properly.

The partner Blockchain Projects BV has offered to take care of the administration and controlling of this translation budget.

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