Deploy and maintain independent BitShares infrastructure
Name/bfid 201712-infrastructure
Category Network
Freelancer Blockchain Projects BV - Blockchain Projects BV
Total $19,000
Duration 2017/12/01 - 2018/05/31 (6 months)
Worker ID 1.14.67
Accounting & Reporting

Worker Proposal

Given the growth of the BitShares ecosystem, we, Blockchain Projects BV feel that the network should become more redundant and reduce its reliance on business partners that are currently running nodes primarily. That said, we would like to deploy independent servers and maintain the basic needs for a healthy BitShares network, including, but not limited to, a faucet, public API nodes, and seed nodes.

BitShares Funded Faucet

We propose to run an independent faucet that

  • will be used by the reference web/light client,
  • has a registrar account that is owned by the BitShares community (e.g. committee),
  • redirects referral rewards to an account owned by all BitShares holders

That said, we would like to reuse the available infrastructure of the BitShares Blockchain Foundation to get up and running quickly.

Thus, we would like to propose that the registrar account is owned by the committee-account. The BitShares blockchain foundation has agreed to allow Blockchain Projects BV to operated the on trust.

The referral percentage for affiliates will be 70%. This means that

  • 30% of the referral rewards go to the onboarding account
  • 70% of the reward go to the referrer, if no referrer is present, the registrar (onboarding account) will be used.

Distributed Network of BitShares

The core component of this proposal is the distribution of the BitShares network by means of deploying multiple nodes and offer public API endpoints to improve latency, robustness and availability for the BitShares ecosystem. Since this proposal is funded by the BitShares ecosystem, we limit the use of the APIs to non-commercial activity.

Distributed Network for Mainnet Nodes

With our orchestration tools, we would like to strengthen the BitShares network by deploying more nodes.

These nodes offer

  • public API endpoints (for non-commercial use),
  • seed nodes.

To anticipate the need for horizontal scaling, of the BitShares network, a load-balancer is put in front of the new nodes, ideally with geolocation-based round-robin/latency selection algorithms.

With the use of orchestration tools, we will be able to deploy on different Cloud providers (docker cloud, EC2, Google Cloud, and others).

Automation of Docker Container Builds

Further, we would like to implement automated builds using docker containers. These containers allow a very easy and fast deployment of BitShares nodes. The automation docker cloud ensures that the public sources of BitShares-core on Github are compiled in a transparent way, additionally, the inclusion of further nodes will be greatly facilitated. However, since the compilation is resource intensive, a paid premium docker cloud package needs to be obtained.

Distributed Network for Testnet Nodes

Additionally to the nodes provided for the BitShares main net, we would like to implement the very same thing for the public testnet as well. Initially, the most economic decision would be to reuse the server infrastructure from the main net. Later (and especially during stress testing), the testnet network should become more independent.

This will also allow us to organize a much bigger Stress-Testing Infrastructure.


  1. integrate and deploy reference faucet
  2. develop docker containers
  3. develop orchestration tooling
  4. develop loadbalancer
  5. test deployment and loadbalanced nodes
  6. public nodes with load balancer in the U.S. on separate servers for redundancy
  7. support SSL encryption on the load balancers
  8. deploy additional load balancer and 2 public API nodes in Asia
  9. include testnet nodes on those machines

As time progresses, more nodes will be added in the most economical manner.


Additionally, since we would like to run a faucet that pays account registration fees, we ask for liquid BTS to directly fund the faucet account.

It follows an outline of the cost positions and its denomination:

  • USD (Fee): One-time setup fee - 3,300 USD
  • USD (Fee): Additional maintenance fee - 1,650 USD/month
  • USD (Expense): Payment of the server costs (EC2, Google Cloud, …) - starting at 100 USD/month/server
  • USD (Expense): Docker Hub subscription for Continuous Integration of BitShares-Core - starting at 15 USD/month
  • USD (Expense): Wildcard SSL certificate – 800 USD

Additional, we ask for additional funding in BTS:

  • BTS (Fee): Operating the public reference faucet 330 USD/month
  • BTS (Expense): LTM upgrade fee for committee-owned registrar account: 1,500 BTS
  • BTS (Expense): Funding for the faucet - currently 1.21396 BTS/account

As you can see, we distinguish between fees and expenses. Note that while the fee is fixed for the whole duration of the worker proposal, the expenses may change depending on network growth. Obviously, as the BitShares network grows, we expect growth of share price which allows this worker to obtain new servers to match bandwidth demands.

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation runs the escrow operations and earns 10% of the overall fees to cover their own expenses.

Of course, our escrow partner will publish invoices immediately.

Cost Overview

Reaching the milestones requires us to obtain at 6 servers and ideally another 4 nodes for docker. We expect to create at least 10,000 accounts in the next 6 months. In total:

 +     $3,300
 +     $800
 +      1,500 BTS * 0.08 USD/BTS
 + 6 * $1,650
 + 6 * $100 * 6
 + 6 * $15 * 4
 +     1.21396 BTS * 10,000 * 0.08 USD/BTS
 = $19051.168

Thus, we are asking for $19,000 for the next 6 months, or $3166.66/month and keep the option to add additional servers as we grow and if economically useful.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

  • Availability and latency of load balanced public API servers
  • Number of registered accounts
  • Global usage of docker containers
  • Total referral rewards through onboarding faucet

If after 6 months, the BTS holders consider this worker a success, we intend to extend our efforts with another worker proposal to keep the deployed infrastructure up and running.


  • This worker proposal highly depends on the availability of the domain and the approval of its use by the owner of the domain.

  • Terms&Service of BlockchainProjects BV applies with the BitShares DAC being referred to as Client


  • 2017/12/11: Added milestone for faucet deployment and integration
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