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Who is the Blockchain Academy?

The Blockchain Academy is a non-profit organization; founded by two teachers from Saxion University (Netherlands).


To familiarize students and professors with the possibilities of the BitShares Blockchain, the Blockchain Academy (BA), has in the past already launched an education program (at their own expenses) and made a pilot available to Dutch students and professors. See press release. Possible next rounds will include English and German taught programs to be rolled out.

Achievements so far

  • 12 graduate assignments
  • 2 classes in two city’s with total 60 students

Problem & Opportunity

In general, public universities do not have an abundance of financial funds to create materials and hire us for help. We, on the other hand, are committed to improve the strength of the BitShares network, and create a group of future ambassadors, users and programmers of the network via the means of education and support.


Currently, many universities are searching for educational course materials on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the upcoming year. This is an opportunity for BitShares. Through the Blockchain Academy, we can direct their attention towards the BitShares blockchain and prevent that they choose another (competitor) blockchain as the basis of their curriculum.


We propose to expand the material available from and our alliances with educational centres. We will create additional educational material in Dutch in the form of assignments, an exam, website and workshop presentations to support the BA initiative. Besides that, we will also introduce the BitShares Testnet to the university and provide guidance in exploring the functionalities of the Testnet.

Furthermore, education program offered by the Blockchain Academy will reduce the cost- and knowledge-based barrier to introduce blockchain courses at universities by offering ready-to-use materials along with supportive guidance at reasonable cost.


  • Translation of the website from Dutch to English and German
  • At least 3 universities sign up for the education program of the Blockchain Academy
  • At least 3 universities will adopt the BitShares Testnet
  • Training of 3 faculty’s
  • Monthly project update on Steemit


We ask to fund a total of 15.000 USD for the development of additional educational materials, providing introduction workshops, explaining professors & students how the Testnet works, help-desk support and travelling costs.

You can expect from us that all educational materials will be finalized at the 31st of March 2018 and will be free available through the Blockchain Academy website.

The 15.000 USD is payable from December 2017 through April 2018. Monthly invoices of 3.000 USD each will be provided publicly.   


Also we will contact 30 Dutch universities offering studies to students of Business Administration and/or Information and Communications Technology.

Future Opportunities

After improving the educational materials, we aim to reach at least an additional 2.000 students in the Dutch (the Netherlands and Belgium), English (UK) and German (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) speaking regions. Of this, we estimate approximately 1.500 students to register an account on the BitShares network. Furthermore, the education program offered by the BA will reduce the costs- and knowledge-based barrier to introduce blockchain courses by offering ready-to-use materials along with supportive guidance at reasonable costs.


  • Ronald Kramer, Registered Accountant (CPA), FinTech and Blockchain expert. Next to being the Legal Chairman of the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, Founder of the Blockchain Academy and part of Saxion University of Applied Sciences developments in Blockchain, Ronald will be responsible for all financial payments made and provide proper documentation to the community where payments on the proposals are made.  

  • Arthur Janse, FinTech and Blockchain Expert with 17+ years of experience as Finance Business Partner in Europe, Africa and Middle-East. Co-founder of the Blockchain Center of Excellence at Saxion University of Applied Sciences and co-creator of the Blockchain education program at Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Remark BitShares Blockchain Foundation

This worker has ended. The inquired costs invoiced by the worker has been higher than the agreed 15,000 bitUSD. The BitShares Blockchain Foundation, after careful review, paid the agreed amount (15,000 bitUSD), the rest is covered by Blockchain Projects BV.

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