Steemfest-Hackathon Focus Chain Sponsorship and Prize
Name/bfid 201709-steemfest
Category Marketing
Freelancer Roeland P Landegent
Total $5,555 + $1,111
Duration 2017/09/20 - 2017/10/20 (1 months)
Worker ID 1.14.59 (click the id to vote with Beet or go to reference UI)
State Finished (partially or fully funded)
Accounting & Reporting


Dear BitShares Stakeholders and valuable committee members,

Thank you BitShares Foundation for giving me the opportunity to request a small sponsorship worker for the SteemFest 24 hour hackathon to be held as a part of SteemFest² in Lisbon, on November 1st 2017 in Cowork Lisboa.

SteemFest Hackathon: a developer oriented event focussing on creating proof of concept apps for Graphene-based blockchains.

During the course of 24 hours about 60 (or more) developers, designers and strategists are invited to work on a proof of concept app, to be demo-ed at Conference Day 2 of SteemFest. The idea for this hackathon is to draw new talent towards blockchain development and to introduce them to the development tools and possibilities. By having bright minds coming together and work on something new, the versatility of the chains can be explored and exposed.

SteemFest²: 1/2/3/4/5 November, Lisbon

SteemFest is the annual get together focussed on bringing steem users together in real life to learn from eachother and have a good time. Both conference days are filled with presentations, workshops and panels for steem users, by steem users. At nights some social events are happening and in the weekend attendees have ample time to explore the city, tourist wise :P - Steemit has become the defacto standard blogging tool for (graphene based) blockchain announcements and for example witness announcements of all sorts. Many Steem users know of BitShares and use it, but there is still work to be done. Did you know that this year you can also buy your SteemFest ticket with BTS?

SteemFest’s main event and program is still in the works but amongst the 2017 speakers who are already confirmed, of whom some of them will also be present at the hackathon (if relevant / devs) are:

  • Steemit’s CEO Ned Scott
  • Steemit’s CTO Jeffrey Paul
  • Jaxx CTO Charlie Shrem
  • Author & Economist William Mougayar
  • Anarcho-capitalist Jeff Berwick

See for the complete list of announced speakers.

Organisation’s Experience:

SteemFest hackathon as part of SteemFest is organised by @roelandp with help from a group of enthusiast supporters during the event days. My experience in events is imho considerable: being co-organiser of for 5 years (3 years fulltime, 2 years parttime) and 2 Music Hackathon Amsterdam events and 3 Liberty Global ‘Appathons’ (and ofcourse organising SteemFest last year) gives me quite the experience in organising events.

‘Focus Chain’-Sponsoring at the SteemFest² Hackathon 2017:

Next to the big prize to paid out in steem for the best overall hack we would like to have a couple of graphene-based Focus Chains who have their own prize and judging criteria. We have currently asked a couple of other graphene chains such as Steem (will sponsor), Decent, Peerplays and Muse to join in as Focus Chain sponsors. Idea behind being a Focus Chain is on one hand that the chain is getting additional attention on the main SteemFest conference and that developers might opt to pick that chain to build a new app for (no guarantees, developers are free to make whatever app they want).

To join the sponsoring and become a focus chain, the organizers are asking for 5555 bitUSD and an additional 1111 bitUSD as prize money.

This sponsorship through a worker would give BitShares:

  1. A chance to attract new developers to BitShares by:
    • having an introductionary (dev oriented) talk in the morning of the hackathon
    • being a Focus Chain sponsor on all printed matters and SteemFest related materials
    • having developers making apps for the BitShares chain, presenting them on the main SteemFest
  2. A chance to attract new users to BitShares by:
    • getting a 20 minute presentation slot at main SteemFest event on one of the conference days.

Usage of Sponsorship Money:

The sponsorship money will be distributed and use for the following items:

  • For the marketing of the hackathon: site and promotion.
  • For a pre-drinks event the evening before the hackathon starts at a to be defined location in Lisboa.
  • For the organisation of the hackathon: venue rental, internet, audiovisual, catering for the attendees (24 hour catering consists of: beverages & snacks all day, lunch, dinner, breakfast in the morning)
  • For the main SteemFest event as attendees of the hackathon who will be presenting their works on the main event (day 2) and will join for dinner & nighttime drinks.

Usage of Prize Money:

  • Prize handed out to developers for building an app on BitShares
  • If no apps are built for BitShares the 1111 bitUSD prizemoney are not released and handed back to the BitShares shareholders.


  • Event announced / venue arranged: Cowork Lisboa (done)
  • Website setup (done - preview)
  • Event takes places: 1 November 2017
  • Demo’s / Pitches: 3 November 2017