The BitShares Blockchain Foundation takes a lead in managing so called worker proposals on the BitShares Blockchain. These proposals, once approved by BTS holders, obtain funding in BTS tokens from the working budget (a.k.a. reserves) of the BitShares DAC. These BTS tokens are then traded into a price-stable cryptocurrency, such as bitCNY, bitEUR, etc. [Read more]


We want to serve an open and trust-less ecosystem. As such, we provide full transparency to the BitShares community. For the sake of transparency and accountability, we have the accounting for the escrow workers under public domain. You can read more about this on our dedicated Accountability Page.

Worker Proposals

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation currently maintains the following list of proposals through escrow:

Worker Proposals

All ● Legal ● Marketing ● Integration ● Bug Bounty ● Network
Title Worker Price Duration Category
Global Voted BitShares Spokesperson and Legal Representative Divided in two workers 2x 24000 EUR
12 months Legal
Decentralized 2019 Partnership 2019-06-decentralized-partnership 1,375,267 CNY (200,000 USD)
4 months Marketing
Wirex Listing of BTS 201905-wirex-integration $375,500
6 months Integration
Hack the DEX - a BitShares Bug Bounty Program (2019) 201904-hackthedex up to $250,000 bitUSD
1 year Bug Bounty
Marketing: Interviews, articles and visibility 201902-marketing-interviews-articles-and-visibility up to 162,190 CNY (~23,886 USD)
4 months + 1 month buffer Marketing
Renewal 2: Deploy and maintain independent BitShares infrastructure 201902-infrastructure 203,750 CNY (30,000 USD)
12 months Network
Update BitShares' General Public Presentation 201804-general-presentation $45,000
6 months Marketing
Maintaining the Reference faucet 201902-reference-faucet 3360 bitEUR (280€/mth)
12 months Network

Finished Workers

All ● UI Development ● Marketing ● Research ● Network ● Cross-chain development ● Core Development ● Legal ● Mobile development ● Bug Bounty ● Documentation
Title Worker Price Duration Category
(Helper) ROSSUL - Bitshares Exchange UX/UI Redesign Project 201809-rossul-ui-helper 73,205.28 bitUSD
2 months + 1 month buffer UI Development
SteemFest⁴ Sponsorship by Bitshares 201907-steemfest 80,000 CNY (=10,000 EUR)
14 weeks Marketing
BitAsset PhD Research project - University of Colorado 201907-uccs-research-project $160,000
4 months Research
'Exotic Flavours' - Global Infrastructure for BitShares blockcain under bitshares.org domain 201903-bitshares.org-exotic-infrastructure 47400 USD / 320k CNY
12 months Network
JavaScript: Atomic Cross-Chain Swaps Framework 201903-atomic-cross-chain-swaps $120,000 (in CNY)
20 weeks Cross-chain development
BitShares UI Team 201902-bitshares-ui up to $437,587.5 (~¥2,953,715)
46 weeks UI Development
BitShares-Core Development Team 201902-bitshares-core up to $1,386,406 (¥9,358,220)
47 weeks Core Development
Publicly Approved BitShares Representative 201901-legal-representative 50,000 bitEUR
12 months Legal
OpenSource BitShares Mobile SDK (android/ios) 201811-mobile-sdk up to 100,000 €/bitEUR
12 months Mobile development
BitShares.org - Website Development, Content/Domain Management, Hosting 201810-bitshares-org 85180 USD
13 months (1 month buffer) Marketing
ROSSUL - Bitshares Exchange UX/UI Redesign Project 2018-09-rossul-ui 265,828 bitUSD
5 months + 1 month buffer UI Development
SteemFest³ Sponsorship by Bitshares 201809-steemfest 10,000 EUR (=12,000 USD)
14 weeks Marketing
BitShares Community Wallet (Part 1/2) 201808-trusty-community-ui-p1 155000 USD
3 months UI Development
Project: Flash - Global Infrastructure for BitShares by APAsia.tech 201808-flash-global-infrastructure up to 25500 USD
6 months Network
BitShares UI Team 201808-bitshares-ui up to 290,000$
8 months UI Development
Hack the DEX - a BitShares Bug Bounty Program 201807-hackthedex up to $250,000 bitUSD
6 months Bug Bounty
Renewal 1: Deploy and maintain independent BitShares infrastructure 201807-infrastructure 32,860 USD
7 months Network
BitFest - The BitShares Conference 201804-bitfest 20,000 EUR (=$25,000)
6 months Marketing
BitShares-Core Development Team 201803-bitshares-core $711,774
10 months Core Development
Legal Council about BTS and No-action 201802-legal-bts $350,000
6 months Legal
Revision of Whitepapers and Improvements of Technical Documentation 201802-documentation $80,000
12 months Documentation
BitShares UI Team 2018-02-bitsharesui $210,000
6 months UI Development
BitShares Core Team Continuing Resolution Budget - 2019 201901-bitshares-core-temporary 516,005 CNY
1 months Core Development
Translations into (Simplified) Chinese 201801-budget-chinese-translations $6,000
6 months Marketing
Deploy and maintain independent BitShares infrastructure 201712-infrastructure $19,000
6 months Network
Blockchain Academy - Marketing BitShares through education 2017-12-blockchainacademy 15,000 bitUSD
5 months Marketing
Publicly Approved BitShares Spokesperson 201710-spokesperson $50,000
15 months Legal
Regulatory Compliance and Exchange Relations 201710-compliance 50,000$
15 months Legal
Steemfest-Hackathon Focus Chain Sponsorship and Prize 201709-steemfest $5,555 + $1,111
1 months Marketing
BitShares UI Team 201708-bitsharesui 150,000$
6 months UI Development
Implementation of BSIP-18: Revive BitAsset through buying Settlement Pool 201707-bsip18 $23,000
2 months Core Development

BitShares Improvement Proposals

Title Worker Type Status
BSIP 73: Match force-settlement orders with margin calls and limit orders 201910-bsip73 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 72: Tanks and Taps: A General Solution for Smart Contract Asset Handling 201910-bsip72 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 71: Prevent Global Settlement and External Attacks 201910-bsip71 Protocol Upgrade delayed
BSIP 70: Peer-to-Peer Leveraged Trading 201910-bsip70 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 69: Additional Assert Predicates 201910-bsip69 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 64: Optional HTLC preimage length, HASH160 addition, and memo field 201910-bsip64 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 62: Close margin position 201910-bsip62 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 61: Operation to Update Limit Orders 201910-bsip61 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 47: Vote Proxies for Different Referendum Categories and explicit voting operation 201910-bsip47 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 45: Add BitAsset as Backing Collateral flag/permission 201910-bsip45 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 39: Automatically approve proposals by the proposer 201910-bsip39 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 22: Vote Decay for Witnesses, Committee members & Proxies 201910-bsip22 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 57: Managed Vesting Balances 201901-bsip57 Protocol Upgrade voting
BSIP 44: Hashed Time-Locked Contract 201810-bsip44 Protocol Upgrade Accepted
BSIP 43: Market fee sharing 201810-bsip43 Protocol Upgrade Accepted
BSIP 40-1: Custom Active Authorities (Milestone 1) 201808-bsip40-milestone-1 Protocol Upgrade Accepted
BSIP 38: Add target collateral ratio option to short positions 201803-bsip38 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 37: Allow new asset name to end with a number 201803-bsip37 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 36: Remove expired price feeds on maintenance interval 201803-bsip36 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 35: Mitigate Rounding Issue On Order Matching 201803-bsip35 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 34: Always Trigger Margin Call When Call Price Above Or At Price Feed 201803-bsip34 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 33: Maker Orders With Better Prices Take Precedence 201803-bsip33 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 32: Always Match Orders At Maker Price 201803-bsip32 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 31: Update Short Position's Margin Call Price After Partially Called Or Settled 201803-bsip31 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 30: Always Allow Increasing Collateral Ratio If Debt Not Increased 201803-bsip30 Protocol Upgrade Implemented
BSIP 29: Asset issue change to require owner authority 201802-bsip29 Protocol Upgrade Implemented


Title Worker Price Duration
Marketing: Global Marketing Board 201909-global-marketing-board up to 1,378,320 CNY (~200,000 USD)
12 months
BSIP 74: Margin Call Fee Ratio 201910-bsip74


The BitShares Blockchain in its technical implementation only knows one type of worker proposal. It contains a name, payment account, daily BTS payout rate and a link to provide insight into the purpose of the worker proposal. Anyone can create a worker proposal on-chain, and afterwards all BTS token holders can vote on it. If it passes the threshold given by the refund workers and receives at least part of the asked daily BTS payout, it is considered active.

The BitShares community informally split worker proposal into two types, payment and opinion worker proposals. The former is meant to fund any kind of activity as defined by the worker proposal, the latter is meant to do strategic decisions and to agree on the consensus changing development and introducing new features of the BitShares core (BitShares Improvement Proposals).

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation can operate a opinion and payment worker proposals and act as an escrow for the freelancers conducting the worker proposal. We see the following value propositions to use us as an escrow (please note that the BBF is merely one possible way to facilitate worker proposals and is not meant as an exclusive escrow):

Certainly using the BitShares Blockchain Foundation as an escrow introduces additional overhead and requires both trust from the BTS token holders and the freelancer.

The procedure

The purpose of this service is to provide security and transparency to both parties, the BitShares Blockchain Community, as well as the freelancer that performs the work in expectation of payment. Setting up a worker proposal through the BBF normally sticks to the following flow:

  1. Establishing agreement for Escrow service for a defined task, review and iterate
  2. BBF sets up worker proposal on-chain
  3. BBF obtains BTS from reserves
  4. BBF obtains smartcoins according to agreement (bitCNY, bitUSD, …)
  5. freelancer proves delivery
  6. BBF reviews delivery and invoice
  7. freelancer receives payment
  8. Escrow service returns excess BTS to reserves

Payment worker proposals

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation splits the payment workers into two sub-types, namely escrow and budget workers. For both workers the

Remark 1 A payment worker can only payout funds that have been obtained through the corresponding worker being active. The BitShares Blockchain Foundation expects that the freelancer monitors the status of the worker and available budget.

Remark 2 If not otherwise mentioned in the specific worker proposal, a 5% escrow fee is applied to all payment workers operated by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation (starting 1. March 2019). This fee is applicable for each outgoing payment and will be accounted for publicly for each worker.

Escrow Worker Model

The purpose of escrow workers is to ensure proper payment for the work provided over a period of time and absorb volatility of the BTS token during that time. The freelancer has a reduced currency-risk during while the BitShares DAC does not overpay for the provided work, especially for long-term agreements.

Given that a worker on the blockchain may be voted in for quite some time, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation would like to exercise the new model of running an escrow worker to reduce risks and costs for the BTS token holders:

Budget Worker Model

Budget workers serve as workers that provide capital for specific purposes where escrow workers do not fit, such as translation work, bug fixing or bounties. The rules are as follows:

Opinion worker proposals

BSIP Worker Model

BSIP is the abbreviation for BitShares Improvement Proposal and is describes the procedure of improving the BitShares protocol. Every major change to the behavior of the BitShares Blockchain requires approval by BTS holders by means of approval voting. This is implemented by means of a BSIP worker.

Beneficiaries and Invoices

Beneficiaries of either of these models need to authenticate themselves against the BitShares Blockchain Foundation with their real-world identity. Invoices need to be sent that are published in this site.

Payments will be made only after receiving and approving individual invoices!

Invoices are to be adressed to

Stichting The BitShares Blockchain Foundation
Seminariehof 11
3768 EE Soest
The Netherlands
KVK-nummer 75854686

It is the desire of the Foundation to fullfill the terms set forth in the worker proposal. However, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation expects freelancers to understand that no legal agreements is being formed between the Foundation and the freelancer. The Foundation merely acts as an escrow partner for funds offered by the BitShares community.

Legal Setup

Workers listed on this site will be owned by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, who will also act as the freelancer’s partner and point of contact for the worker proposal and supervise the entire progress. Payouts are facilitated in Smartcoins through the escrow setup with the independent BitShares Foundation.

Blockchain Projects BV is contracted to handle the technical details and support quality assurance procedures.

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