In October 18th ‘17, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation has been elected as official and sole spokesperson and public face of BitShares and has acted as such until the end of 2018 when the corresponding worker expired. In the beginning of 2019 was re-elected to be the sole legal representative for the BitShares Blockchain until the end of 2019. The continued support and trust from the community is much appreciated.

Remark 1: The scope of the 2019 worker in comparison to the 2018 worker was reduced to focus on the key aspects of legal issues and to allow for other entities to step up as a public face of the BitShares Blockchain.

Remark 2: The nomination as spokesperson arose in response to the turmoil around BitShares not having an entity that represents it in the public - in particular in discussions with exchanges, on-/off-ramps and third party businesses looking to integrate with the BitShares Blockchain.

The Mandate

To address these difficulties that come with being a DAC, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation proposed to function as the sole legal representative for the BitShares in external communication regarding legal matters.

The approval of the proposal by the BTS holders resulted in a mandate that will be active until the end of 2019. Being appointed as an official representative highlights BitShares’ technical strength and governance process of this unique decentralized and autonomous community (DAC).

Limitations of the Mandate

We would like to emphasize that this mandate does not allow us to guide the future of the BitShares Blockchain. If we see need for further approval of actions by BTS holders or to make changes to the underlying protocol, separate proposals will need to undergo the scrutiny of the BTS holders by means of approval voting.

Invitation and Contact

Furthermore, we would like to encourage everyone interested in meeting the people behind the BitShares Blockchain Foundation to make an appointment via email.

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