BitShares Core Releases to fix chain halt

approved and published on 09/05/2019

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation would like to inform operators of BitShares-core full nodes that a recent incident caused the blockchain to halt temporarily.

The halt began at approximately 12:45 UTC. The halt was caused by the force settlement of an asset that had been configured by its asset issuer with a force settlement penalty of 100%. This penalty caused a divide by zero error when the asset’s settlement fill price was re-calculated. A resolution was prepared by the BitShares Core Team and updated in the form of updates to all 3.x Protocol and Feature Releases. The BitShares block producers restarted the blockchain at approximately 14:00 UTC.

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation is glad that the core team was able to resolve this issue in a timely manner.


The fix adds a test that ensures that the settlement offset has to be less than 100%.

Who Should Update

NOTE: Every node operator should upgrade their node.

The upgrade does not cause a replay.

Upgrades are available for the 3.x Protocol and Feature Releases:

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