BitShares Block Production Incident Report - Minority Fork

approved and published on 04/09/2019

On Friday, April 5th 2019 at block height 32,599,932, an incident occurred on the BitShares network that caused a minority fork of less than one hour in length.

Provided that during this forking, the irreversible block did not advance, businesses on top of the BitShares blockchain that comply to best practises have not been at any risk.

Due to the nature of the forking, actions that took place on minority fork have been invalidated. For this reason, a small amount of trading activity


The BitShares Blockchain Foundation would like to thank the core developers and the Block producers for their short response time and for resolving the issue in a timely manner.

Root Cause

A previously installed soft-fork that prevented call order updates within proposals to be included into a block has been removed in favor of the release of BitShares 3.0.0. With the revival of bitUSD, and the coincidental protocol upgrade scheduled with 3.0.0, a transaction made it into the blockchain that contained such a call order update which resulted in a separation of the Block producers between those that run 3.0.0 already and those that didn’t.


The issue has been resolved by alerting every Block producer to properly upgrade to 3.0.0 which only took a short period of time.

Announcement Mailing List

In order to improve responsiveness, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation has set up several mailing lists including a low noise critical and an announcement list that we recommend fundamental industry partners (like exchanges and money transmitting partners) to subscribe to. This will enable all businesses in the BitShares network to be aware of all latest developments.

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