BitShares Core Release 2.0.181127 (mandatory)

approved and published on 11/27/2018

Dear BitShares User and Business Partners,

due to an overflow bug in bitshares-core, the block production has automatically halted. The issue has been identified by our core development team and was fixed shortly after. A corresponding patch has been merged and a new new release version


has been tagged.

This is a consensus changing protocol upgrade. All full nodes MUST upgrade.

If you are using the official docker container, please allow some time for the container to be built by the docker cloud.

We would like to reassure that:

Mailing Lists

We would like to remind everyone of the mailing lists operated by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation where business operators and users can engage discussions and get the most recent updates, directly. An distinct mailing list for critical operation updates exists, too.

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