BitShares Block Production Incident Report

approved and published on 11/27/2018

On Monday, November 27th 2018 at block height 32,599,932, an incident occurred on the BitShares network that caused an unplanned interruption of block production. All nodes have been affected by an overflow issue in the protocol that deals with collateral bidding after global settlement.

After gathering of the core developers and debugging the code, the cause was identified quickly and a patch was immediately delivered to the block producers. Shortly after that, the blockchain recovered and new blocks have been generated.

It is absolutely necessary that everyone is aware that the nature of the patch requires all nodes to apply the patch, accordingly, in order to sync back with the blockchain. We recommend exchanges and third party providers to update their back-end to tag 2.0.181127 and rebuild. The following steps facilitate this update:

git fetch
git checkout 2.0.181127
git submodule update --init --recursive

If you are using the official docker container, please allow some time for the container to be built by the docker cloud.

We would like to reassure that:


The BitShares Blockchain Foundation would like to thank the core developers for their short response time and for resolving the issue in a timely manner.

Announcement Mailing List

In order to improve responsiveness, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation has set up several mailing lists including a low noise critical and an announcement list that we recommend fundamental industry partners (like exchanges and money transmitting partners) to subscribe to. This will enable all businesses in the BitShares network to be aware of all latest developments.

Root Cause

Collateral bids for settled assets are only processed during maintenance. At least one bid was out of bounds and caused the processing overflow.

Prior to the halt, validation software did not contain code to properly check for an overflow condition within the method used to bid collateral for debt in the global settlement pool of an asset. In this case, the asset bitUSD was in the global settlement state, and a bidder submitted a transaction containing a bid operation that exceeded the total supply of available bitUSD within the settlement pool. During the maintenance period, at least one overflow condition was caught by the software which prevented the bid operation from being included as a valid transaction. However, this did not fail gracefully and caused the block producing nodes to halt.


The BitShares Core Team reacted promptly and professionally to identify the root cause and issue an emergency patch. Once the patch was validated and issued to Block Producers to restart the network, a Release was posted on GitHub for all nodes to upgrade their running software.

The patch fixes this by treating the amount provided in the price correctly and prevent an overflow.

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