The BitShares Blockchain - Revised Whitepaper

approved and published on 06/20/2018

After many hours of work, writing, reading, correcting and iterating the existing work, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF) would like to finally publish a new Whitepaper titled: “The BitShares Blockchain”.

The BitShares Blockchain

Opinion letter

This whitepaper has been developed to clarify some many aspects of BitShares as a Blockchain and its core native token BTS, the governance system and much more of the basic functionalities. This paper has assisted us well with discussions among lawyers and less tech-savvy people - in particular during the creation of the opinion letter around BTS as the core native token of the BitShares Blockchain. You can find out more about the opinion letter in the most recent spokesperson report


At this point, we would like to acknowledge the great assistance we have received from the core developers as well as committee members, who have had the opportunity to review and comment on the paper a few weeks ago. Your help has been much appreciated! Thank you.

Commissioned Work

The creation of this whitepaper has been funded as part of the documentation worker.

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