The Stichting BitShares Blockchain Foundation

approved and published on 12/14/2017

As it matures, we would like to take the change to further introduce the BitShares Blockchain Foundation and introduce our idea of a foundation advisory board to be created in the near future.


The (Stichting) BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF) is a non-profit organization registered in Deventer, Netherlands. It is operational since June 2016 and has been preparing industries behind the scenes ever since. As time goes by, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation would like to take some time to introduce itself more publicly as well as present plans for a BTS holder voted advisory board (read on to find out more).


The BBF’s mission is to promote, advocate and grow the BitShares ecosystem. A major aspect is the proper presentation of the platform’s potential and its decentralized and autonomous community (DAC) in a variety of ways, including compliance and its legal position. In most parts of the word, societies, as well as legal frameworks need to find ways to work with DACs. We see the BitShares blockchain ecosystem pioneering not only the technological innovations but also social and regulatory evolution.

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