28th Protocol Upgrade Successfully Deployed

approved and published on 12/11/2017

On 8th December of 2017 at 15:40 UTC, the most recent protocol upgrade that was in development for over 6 months has been successfully deployed on the main BitShares blockchain. The upgrade of the blockchain protocol went as expected and without any trouble thanks to our rigorous core developers and months of code reviewing and testing.

The most prominent change of this upgrade was the introduction of BSIP18 which allows to revive market pegged assets that underwent a global settlement event. This allows participants to re-activate a couple of BitAssets among which are SILVER, GOLD, SEK, RUB, NZD, HKD, SGD, and KRW. So far, except for GOLD, most BitAssets have been revived successfully and can not only be traded but also borrowed and settled again.

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It is worth noting that for the BitShares ecosystem, this represents the 28th network upgrade since it started in late 2015. Furthermore, thanks to integrated replay protection and the ability of automatic checkpoints with irreversible blocks, no malicious forks were created. All installations with an outdated version of BitShares-Core will see the irreversible block stuck at the date of the hard fork.

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