Crypto-Currencies as Medium of Payment

approved and published on 11/30/2017

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation is pleased to announce a new paper that compares the commonly used concepts of achieving price-stable crypto-currencies. The paper was written as an entry-point for interested readers to understand the basic aspects. With this, we hope to clarify the differences, individual risks and opportunities for price-stable crypto-currencies in the blockchain space.


With the current growth of the crypto-ecosystem in general, and the growth of crypto-currencies like BTC (Bitcoin Blockchain) and ETH (Ethereum Blockchain) in particular, the general public as well as traditional (old economy) markets finally take notice of blockchain technology and its application(s) in the financial technology and other sectors.

A well-known obstacle to greater adoption of crypto-currencies like BTC as a medium of payment is the high volatility of its exchange value, due to its limited supply. As a consequence, the unit price varies (sometimes significantly) over short periods of time. This makes BTC unpractical for merchants that need to pay their suppliers in cash - especially in bearish markets where this currency risk can ruin a business.

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