BitShares Core Release 2.0.171105a

approved and published on 11/08/2017

Dear BitShares User and Business Partners,

we would like to iterate over the previous announcement from October 30th, and inform you of a minor release update that improves stability prior to the protocol upgrade date. If you are a regular front-end user, this update does not affect you.

Additionally, after some discussions within the core development team, a decision has been made to slightly postpone the deadline at which all back-end nodes need to have upgraded to the new release version tagged with


This is a consensus changing protocol upgrade. All full nodes MUST upgrade before

    2017-12-08 15:40:00 UTC!

A detailed description of the changes introduced by this update can be found here.

Mailing Lists

We would like to remind everyone of the mailing lists operated by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation where business operators and users can engage discussions and get the most recent updates, directly. An distinct mailing list for critical operation updates exists, too.

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