2.0.171025 Nodes may get stuck

approved and published on 11/03/2017

Dear readers and partners,

due to an unforeseen event, new code in the BitShares back-end, that was supposed to only active by end of November, caused a disagreement with block production nodes. The symptoms are a node that got stuck on block #21,462,209.

Only nodes that updated to the new code are affected and asked to downgrade to release tag


In your git repository, you can run these commands:

git fetch
git checkout 2.0.171019a

The root cause has been quickly identified and a fix is in development. We do not expect this incident to delay the upcoming network upgrade scheduled by end of November.


Due to the nature of DPOS, this incident did not affect the blockchain and its block production in a larger scale. Instead, block producers automatically switched to backup block production being run by previous version of BitShares core and thus keep the blockchain going.

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