BitShares Core Release 2.0.171025

approved and published on 10/30/2017

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation is happy to announce a new release of the BitShares core backend. After three months of hard work by the backend developers, release 2.0.171025 was tagged.

This is a consensus changing protocol upgrade

All full nodes must upgrade before 2017-11-27 14:40:00 UTC!


Major Changes

Performance Changes

Minor Fixes

Protocol Upgrade: A reliable and secure hard fork

The new release modifies the blockchain protocol (by adding BSIP18) and due to this is a consensus-changing modification. While the usual terminology for this kind of upgrade in other blockchains is hard-fork, we would like to emphasis a new term for Graphene-based blockchains: protocol upgrade. The reasons we distinguish our upgrades from a hard-forks, is that our consensus mechanism - delegated proof of stake (DPOS) - does not allow for the blockchain to split into two (or even more) independent blockchains. BitShares comes with an inherent replay protection and together with BTS holder-approved block producers cannot result in a splitting of the blockchain.

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