Asset Creation Reactivated

approved and published on 10/20/2017

Thanks to back-end developers of BitShares, a new release has been tagged that fixes the bug that was discovered yesterday and that led to the committee disabling asset creation, temporarily.

It is our pleasure to announce that the BitShares blockchain is fully operational again, including asset creation at the expected fees.

We, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation would like to thank the back-end developers that solved the issue so quickly as well as the committee members that assisted in making sure the bug cannot be exploited. Furthermore, we would like to thank the block producers (witnesses) for deploying the fix so quickly and allowing to go back into normal operation mode, today.

We would like to remark, that due to the technical superiority of BitShares and its governance process, a network upgrade (as soft fork) was deployed in less than 24 hours.

Affected Users

The upgrade was deployed so quickly as it was implemented as a soft-fork. This patch ensures that the bug cannot be exploited by requiring the fee for asset_creation_operation to be paid in BTS. This restricts users slightly as they cannot pay the fee in any other asset than BTS. We apologize for this inconvenience, and plan to include a proper update in the upcoming hard-fork that is planned for November (more about this to be released soon).

Who has to update:

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