Asset Creation Temporarily suspended

approved and published on 10/19/2017

On Wednesday, October 18th 2017, an issue was reported by @abitmore, one of our core developers about an inaccuracy due to rounding when creating a new asset on the BitShares platform.

Shortly after, he approached other core developers about further findings that need immediate attention. The core of the problem lies in this line, this line, and this line, and would have allowed an user to obtain free BTS tokens by crafting an asset_create_operation in a certain way. Full Disclosure.

After confirming the issue on the public testnet, the developers approached the committee and requested to disable asset creation until a fix has been deployed to the network. The proposal has been approved quickly which renders asset creations temporary disabled.

That said, the bug cannot be exploited any longer and a fix is currently tested.

Effects on End-Users

End-users that wanted to create an asset on BitShares are asked for patience until the fix has been deployed. No other restrictions are expected.

How will this be fixed

The core developers are currently in discussion on the best way forward. The options are to wait for the newly scheduled hard fork later this year, or deploy an additional soft-fork to be able to re-activate asset creation and continue full service.


In contrast to rumours, the suspension of Asset creation has nothing to do with compliance or other legal aspects of the platform and merely prevents a bug from being exploited.

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