The (Stichting) BitShares Blockchain Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Deventer, Netherlands. It is operational since June 2016 and has been preparing industries behind the scenes ever since. The Foundation’s mission is to promote, advocate and grow the BitShares ecosystem to its full potential.


Transparent Communication

Decentralized networks come with a high need of cooperation and coordination. To facilitate this need on a technical level, we provide open and transparent mailing lists for developers, block producers, committee members, shareholders, and projects running on top of BitShares. {mailing lists}

Escrow Workers

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation takes a lead in managing worker proposals on BitShares. Freelancers around the world that want to work for the BitShares DAC are organized through our trusted escrow setup which carefully vets worker proposals of freelancers, sets them up on the blockchain and ensures the maximum of code quality for the BitShares shareholders. {more}

Transparent Accounting

Since we are in the fortunate position to have received sufficient trust from BitShares shareholders to successfully operate multiple escrow workers, we feel the need to be as transparent as humanly possible to these shareholders as to how the funds are used. {more}


With the BitShares Blockchain Foundation, there now is a well-supported entity that feels responsible for BitShares and its growth. Throughout the last months, we have been working tirelessly to advocate partners and businesses about the technological advantages we have over our competitors - with great success. The BitShares Blockchain foundation is pleased to announce partnerships as they mature. Furthermore, the BTS holders have officially elected the BitShares Blockchain Foundation as their spokesperson and public face. We are honoured and do our best to serve this position successfully.